'Snarlin' Luis' Stokes 2020 Presidential Run on Univision

December 11th, 2017 4:36 PM

Luis Gutiérrez, the retiring Chicagoland congressman who earlier this year compared convicted FALN terrorist Oscar López Rivera to George Washington and who in 2015 dismissed Kate Steinle’s tragic death as “a little thing”, appeared on Univision to discuss a potential 2020 presidential candidacy.

Watch Gutiérrez on the network's weekly public affairs program, Al Punto, as he discusses the true focus of his putative candidacy: further organization (and political commodification) of minority communities throughout the United States in a virtual 'holy war' 2020 crusade to defeat Donald Trump.

REP. LUIS GUTIÉRREZ: For our immigrant community to be effectively organized so that in 2020 the same thing does not happen. We have to make it a priority to ensure Donald Trump's retirement as President, his defeat in 2020.

There are two parallel tracks to this interview: the first one is the ham-handed transparency of Gutiérrez’ post-congressional plans to strengthen and expand the Democratic coalition of the aggrieved ahead of the 2018 midterms and 2020 general election. This is the backdrop against which Gutiérrez also stated his intention to involve himself in the post-Hurricane María rebuilding of Puerto Rico.

Gutiérrez, like so many others seeking political leverage at the expense of 3.4 million American citizens in Puerto Rico, seems more interested in adding newly arrived Puerto Ricans to the Democratic turnout machine. It should be noted that shortly after the interview was recorded, he met up with the man he earlier this year called "my leader": convicted FALN terrorist Oscar López Rivera.

The other parallel is the buddy dynamic between Univision anchor Jorge Ramos and Gutiérrez, always in full bloom but now in clear and unabashed display...a couple of older men talking about making one last big move, united both by their love of open borders and their virulent hatred of Donald Trump.

As expected, Univision was the one platform that accorded any seriousness to the idea of a Luis Gutiérrez presidential candidacy. The network’s dalliance with this potential 2020 isn’t likely to go beyond talk, given how things went the last time Univision went all-in for a presidential candidate.