Univision News Predictably Cheers SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Univision's fawning coverage of the Supreme court's ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt shows the extent to which the network is both out of touch with its viewership and biased towards a progressive agenda.

That certainly seems to be the case if writeups such as this one is any indication, titled "How Latinas Will Benefit From The Supreme Court Ruling That Ended Restrictions On Abortions In Texas. Here's a key trope (translated from its original Spanish):

To drive 200 miles and pass by several immigration checkpoints is what woman living in the rural zone of the predominantly Latino Rio Grande Valley, in Texas, would have had to endure, had the Supreme Court affirmed the HB2 law that limited access to safe abortions. The nearest medical center is located in San Antonio and currently has wait times of up to 20 days in order to request a first appointment.

So committed is Univision to the preservation of abortion-on-demand über alles that it even posits the hypothetical of an illegal immigrant braving ICE in order to get the procedure done. Otherwise, why even put that out there?

Univision being Univision, there was no differing viewpoint offered. Readers got no explanation as to why Texas even passed HB2 in the first place- which was to prevent the butchery of a Kermit Gosnell from visiting the Lone Star State. "Who's Kermit Gosnell?", ask viewers depending on Univision for news content. Never mind, that- here's another immigration rally.

The above article was published on digital, but we should not expect any better from the newscasts. Recall that the network shamefully carried Planned Parenthood's water even as controversy raged over videos published by the Center For Medical Progress- which depicted a multistate conspiracy to sell fetal parts sourced from terminated pregnancies.

If anything, this makes ever clearer that Univision is NOT the voice of Hispanic America. The network's role is more accurately depicted as the Establishment Media's ambassadors to Hispanic America.

One can understand the network's advocacy for open-borders immigration policy, given its centrality to the network's survival. There is no such explanation available for Univision's position on abortion, which is rejected by 50% of Hispanics according to Pew Hispanic. Mind you, this number is inclusive of ALL U.S. Hispanics.

There is no such explanation available for Univision's championing of a cause opposed by a majority of its viewers, except that unfettered abortion-on-demand is an integral part of Chief News Officer Isaac Lee's vision of a "fairer, more inclusive" America.

The marketplace cries out for an alternative.

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