12+ Churches Targeted As Ohio Pro-Aborts Demand Unrestricted Abortion Bill

November 1st, 2023 11:22 AM

In just a few days Ohio residents will vote either for or against Issue 1, a radical pro-abort policy. Amid the heightened political atmosphere regarding the issue, vandalism has been skyrocketing. In just a month, more than 12 churches have experienced incidents of vandalism along with schools and cemeteries in the area.

Pro-aborts have a tendency to throw temper tantrums when they feel that their so-called “right” to kill kids is being threatened. 

Issue 1 is an extreme pro-abort law that, if passed, would allow abortion up to the time of birth. Naturally, pro-lifers are opposed to this ballot initiative. No child in the womb should be killed at any point, never mind at a point where said child can feel pain, can live outside the womb on his or her own, has fully functioning limbs and is fully developed. But that's what pro-aborts in Ohio want. 

Pro-Abort Ohioans want residents to vote yes on Issue 1 so bad that they took it upon themselves to vandalize and attack religious related buildings as a way of protest. 

According to The Catholic Telegraph, there are more than a dozen accounts of vandalism recently. Here’s some of what happened thus far:

  • Vandals spray painted the windows on the front door of The Incarnation Catholic Church in Centerville, Ohio to cover a "Vote No" sign that was posted inside the building. 
  • Vandals removed yard signs that urged voters to "Vote No" to Issue 1 at St. Bartholomew Church in Cincinnati. Those signs were replaced with "Vote Yes" signs. 
  • At St. Monica-St. George Church in Clifton, vandals removed a large "Vote No" sign and threw it in a dumpster. After it was put back, vandals returned to steal the sign. 
  • The Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter in Chains in Cincinnati had signs stolen too and signs that they had displayed on a fence were also vandalized. 
  • At St. Mary Church in Oxford an 8’x8’ sign was cut in half and a 4’x4’ sign was vandalized. Apparently their signs are also being stolen multiple times a week. 

According to the same report, Catholic high schools and cemeteries have also reported theft of "Vote No" signs. 

This isn’t the first time pro-aborts took their anger out on religious or pro-life centers. Life News presently has a growing list of over 313 cases of anti-life violence and unfortunately the recent instances in Ohio only add to that list. 

Prayers go out to those in Ohio who remain standing up for life amid these acts against them.