Disney Broke Up With Gina Carano And Now They’re Trying To Erase Her Existence

March 16th, 2021 5:45 PM

The House of Mouse is at it again! This time, they’re canceling someone that no longer even works for them. 

Actress and former MMA fighter Gina Carano was fired from her role as Cara Dune in Disney+'s The Mandalorian series for not being a liberal back in Feb. Next month an episode Running Wild with Bear Grylls was set to air on National Geographic (note that NG is owned by Disney) with Carano as a guest but it appears Disney recently chose to shelve that, too.

Carano was listed as one of the celebrity guests to join Grylls on his show following the episode involving TV and radio personality Bobby Bones. In the show, Grylls takes celebrities through “the most extreme environments in the world to conquer fears, test their limits, and sometimes dabble in nature's not so tasty delicacies.” The premise aims to push the comfort levels of the traditional, luxurious lives of celebrities. Honestly, an episode featuring Carano would have been epic considering her background as an MMA champion. 

Bounding Into Comics, however, recently reported the absence of Carano’s episode based on information from TvMaze, EpGuides, and PremireDate, none of which listed Carano’s appearance in the lineup. 

Disney and the woke mob have gone full cancel mode. They’re attempting to make Carano a non-person. Taking away her job, pulling her character’s action figures, and now, deleting episodes of shows with her in them that haven’t even aired yet! Already, fans have had enough of Disney lunging too far into wokeness and this is just another prime example of their lunacy. 

Though Disney hasn’t made an official announcement regarding Carano’s removal, the rumors appear to be true. Carano tweeted a picture back in Jan with Grylls and stated: “One of the best experiences of my life & most definitely my 2020 was hanging out with this guy” on the side of a snowy mountain. Today, however, Carano retweeted the Bounding Into Comics article regarding the removal of her episode on Grylls' show. 

The high-profile split continues to cause distance between Carano and Disney but at this point, it’s probably in Carano's best interest considering her new venture with The Daily Wire. Disney seems to have quite the slew of commitment issues.