POLL: 65% of Fans Think Disney Has Lunged Too Far Into Wokeness

March 5th, 2021 5:06 PM

Considering a Disney+ membership? You may want to hold off. 

The Daily Wire released the results of an exclusive poll conducted by Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies which found that 65% of Americans "believe that companies like Disney have taken political correctness too far."

Conducted between Feb 26 and March 3, the poll of 1,098 participants, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, set the bottom line: “Corporate America’s lunge into ‘wokeness’ and cancel culture might hit a bump in the road given public reaction to Disney’s recent actions,” concluded Newhouse. Walt is probably rolling over in his grave.

The polling group also asked about Disney’s cancel culture stab at Gina Carano.

As a reminder, Carano formerly starred in Disney’s The Mandalorian but was axed back in February due to her “abhorrent” social media posts. As per usual, most lefties supported Disney’s decision to cancel Carano but conservatives saw right through the smoke and mirrors. Carano was being her normal conservative, free-thinking self and the mainstream media, in this case Disney, simply didn’t like it. Newhouse’s poll indicated new statistics that should make even lefties take a closer look.

Prior to seeing Carano’s stance on the matter, most participants (58%) opposed her firing but after they saw the social media posts that caused the uproar that increased to 72%. The problem stands that only one side of the story is told on mainstream media so many participants didn’t even know the whole story before taking the survey. 

Newhouse’s poll also asked for participants’ opinions on Disney’s ties to China and Disney’s threat to leave Georgia after the state passed pro-life legislation. Newhouse found that “at least half of Americans opos[ed] each of the actions tested” and as a result wouldn’t be as likely to watch Disney content. He also warned that “companies may be wise to slow the stampede to 'wokeism.' This data clearly shows that actions like the ones Disney has taken recently definitely have the potential to negatively impact its bottom line.” As the saying goes, go woke, go broke.

According to Newhouse’s report for The Daily Wire, participants gave a plethora of reasons for their disapproval of Disney. “They are yielding to woke cultural activism,” “They are developing a full-blown cancel culture,” “They caved to the liberals of the cancel culture. If she had liberal views, she would be hailed as a champion,” and “They fired an actress who dared to be conservative.”

Luckily, some on the left are noticing the cancel culture lunacy of Disney and other companies alike. These companies need to focus on what they were made for, and stop shoving political correctness down viewers' throats.