Hasbro Cancels Gina Carano Star Wars Action Figures After Disney Firing

February 16th, 2021 4:37 PM

Young girls who dream of being Disney stars and turned into action figures someday are learning that the only way to do that is to endorse industry-approved left-wing politics.

In the wake of Disney-owned company Lucasfilm firing The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano last week for her latest round of “abhorrent” anti-leftist tweets, toy maker Hasbro announced that they’re terminating production of all Star Wars action figures with the actress’ likeness.

Carano played anti-Imperial mercenary Cara Dune for two seasons of Disney+’s Star Wars spin-off series, but since Disney and Lucasfilm fired her on February 10, Carano’s character will not be featured in the company’s toy and merchandise line any longer. 

Of course, this is terrible news for Carano and Star Wars fans who believe that the star shouldn't have been so harshly punished for having somewhat conservative views, but hey, if you’re a toy collector, Cara Dune dolls are probably going to fetch a pretty penny several years from now.

Pop culture website Complex reported the news on February 16 that Hasbro had made the decision, as confirmed by toy retailer BigBadToyStore. A rep from the retailer announced that “pre-orders” for more Cara Dune toys “had been called off because no additional figures are going to be produced.”

The rep acknowledged that the Dune figures had serious popularity in 2020 and that plenty of pre-orders were made for the next run of the toy. But, the BigBadToyStore rep added, “Due to recent events, Hasbro was no longer approved to produce any more of this figure.”

It’s not a shock that Carano won’t be a part of Season 3 The Mandalorian merchandise, as she won’t appear in the next installment of the series, clearly. Though it remains to be seen whether Hasbro will ever feature her character in any future toy lines, as Star Wars is always putting out toys based on its entire pantheon of sci-fi characters. 

Will Cara Dune be wiped out of Star Wars chronological history, for example? Lucasfilm digitally removing Carano from the series would not likely happen. We hope. Would a 25th anniversary celebration toy line in the future featuring the likeness of Gina Carano cause a wailing and gnashing of leftist teeth?

Disney’s safest bet is to pump out a new line of Cara Dune characters with the face of Carano’s more leftist (or at the very least, apolitical) replacement. Maybe someone with purple hair who earnestly includes her gender pronouns in her Twitter bio. Carano’s tension with her employers began when she mocked trans virtue signaling on social media by putting the fake pronouns “boop/bop/beep” in her Twitter bio. 

At least people who retain unopened Gina Carano action figures into the future might have some rare collectibles on their hands if Hasbro tries to cancel the character from their lineup completely.