Nasty ABC Comedy Slimes Ronald Reagan as Racist

October 1st, 2019 11:50 PM

Mixed-ish just aired its second episode Tuesday and it continues to follow in the vein of the first episode-- anti-Reagan and full of wokeness.

The episode "The Warrior" focuses on Rainbow's (Arica Himmel) difficulty fitting in at school and her mom Alicia's (Tika Sumpter) difficulty fitting in at work. 'Bow, who is "mixed," obsesses over whether to choose the black or white side of school. In one scene where she feels caught in the middle, she envisions choosing the "black" side and it being announced by President Ronald Reagan.


Teacher: Who started it?

Bow: There may have only been two options, but this was still one of the hardest choices of my life. If I said Rebecca started the fight, it would be like choosing black. She started it.

Loudspeaker: This is your President, Ronald Reagan. From now on, Rainbow is no longer mixed. She is a full black. Enjoy your welfare.

Meanwhile, Alicia begins work at her father-in-law's firm and is uncomfortable because everyone sees her as an Affirmative Action hire and not as merited, which is another point the show over-emphasizes. We see her experience "micro-aggressions" like "this guy at work said my argument was 'actually' good, like he was surprised I could read and write."

Tune in again next week, for episode three of Mixed-ish which is going to be focusing on how black people are discriminated against with hairstyles. This show is truly one of the wokest on the block.