‘Whole World on Fire:’ Roe Overturned on Futuristic HBO Drama

On BBC’s Episode 4 of Years and Years, which aired July 15 in the United States on HBO, it’s now 2027. The world continues to be in chaos, with financial and governing problems plaguing European nations. The United States is hit, too, as Roe v. Wade has finally been overturned, all these years later. It’s surprising it took so long.

Viewers ought to note headlines screaming foreboding warnings, including “OUTRAGE AS US BANS SPANISH IN PUBLIC PLACES” and “USA LATEST CONGRESS IN UPROAR.”

Clearly, the creators of the show are drumming up that overturning decisions legalizing same-sex marriage and abortion in all 50 states is something that is on par with martial law and bankruptcy. Or, as MP Vivienne Rook (Emma Thompson), sees it, “The whole world is on fire.”



Newsman #1: Outbreaks of violence in Athens as the country withdraws from the Eurozone, and the Grexit begins.

Newswoman #1 Martial law has been declared as the government of Italy resigns.

Newswoman #2: Hungary has been declared bankrupt.

Vivienne Rook MP: The whole world is on fire

Newsman #2: The United Nations has threatened to remove its headquarters from American soil.

Newswoman #1: After the suspension of same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade.

Daniel: There she is!

Edith: No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! Bastards!

Bethany: Oh my God! It's Aunt Edith!

Daniel: Go back, go back.

Stephen: Rewind, rewind.

Daniel: There she is. Wow! Oh!

Edith: I've been banned from America, banned for life.

Edith (Jessica Hynes), the world traveler and professional protester, just had to take part in a not so peaceful protest in America against such decisions. Serves her right to get banned from the United States. And good riddance. We don’t care what the British think about our decisions and haven’t since 1776!

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