'NCIS: New Orleans' Defends 'Vast Majority' of BLM Protests as 'Peaceful'

January 3rd, 2021 11:45 PM

Looks like CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans will spend its 2021 doubling down on false liberal propaganda. While the show already bent over backwards to claim police officers are killing young black men last month, the latest episode somehow went further to appease a “burn the establishment” progressive and her mostly “peaceful” crowd.

The January 3 episode “Operation Drano, Part 1” has NCIS Agent Pride (Scott Bakula) taking part in a commission put forth by the mayor to solve the issues plaguing the city. Sadly, that does not include the actual issues in New Orleans like high crime or taxes but rather the vague progressive issues of "systemic inequality." In fact, Pride himself claims the city “was born” of systemic inequality. This leads to a heated argument between former police superintendent Michael Holland (Gareth Williams) and progressive voice Allie Briggs (Hannah Hodson).


Deputy Mayor Reyes: We're expecting great results here.

Landers: But what do those results look like?

Deputy Mayor Reyes: Action plans to put in front of the city council. Mayor wants you to tackle the issues that have been plaguing this town for decades.

Pride: Systemic inequality. We all sadly know that this town was born of it.

Briggs: Educational racism. Rental and mortgage bias. Racial and gender wage gap. Homelessness... The list goes on and on.

Deputy Mayor Reyes: That's why you're all here. Leaders across a variety of city sectors. Mayor's calling you the Crescent City 2.0 Commission.

Boynton: I'm all for a better future, as long as we don't vilify everything that's brought us this far.

Briggs: The best thing to change this town quick is to focus on the biggest problem in the room: The New Orleans Police Department.

Holland: And how is the department a problem, Ms. Briggs?

Briggs: Let me count the ways. Discrimination, corruption, brutality...

Holland: You're talking about the old police department. When I was superintendent, I changed all that.

Briggs: You put a band-aid on a gaping chest wound. Retired with honors. But your cops think they run this city. They forget they're supposed to work for the people.

Pride: Allie. Michael, we're all on the same side here.

Holland: Are we, Dwayne? Really? You hear how this radical is talking to me?

Briggs: If this is gonna work, we need brutal honesty.

Pride: Tactful honesty would suffice.

Briggs: I call out fascism when I see fascism.

Holland: You let the barbarians through the gate here.

Briggs: What did you call me?

Pride: Enough with the name-calling. All right? You see problems? This is where we find solutions. But... We got to work within the system.

Briggs: I'm not here to work with the same old failed solutions from a broken system. I'm here to change the game.

Holland: Grievances are easy. Actions take resolve. Compromise.

Briggs: People are dying in the streets and you expect them to compromise?

Brogan: So what should we do? Burn the city to the ground and start fresh?

Briggs: We don't have to burn down the city. Just the establishment.

Of course, the one person who doesn’t think the police are racist is seen as the unreasonable one. Considering Pride was willing to throw his own city under the bus to prove leftists right, it’s sadly not a surprise.

This leads to Pride trying to get Holland to reconsider his mindset on viewing the city as inherently racist. He even goes so far as to peddle the usual lie that the “vast majority” of BLM protestors are just peaceful idealists being dragged by a few bad actors. Strange how the police never get that benefit of the doubt.


Holland: If this is a "Play nice" meeting, you're wasting your breath.

Pride: Oh, this is a "You're being an ass" meeting, Michael.

Holland: Nothing my wife doesn't tell me every morning. Doesn't change things. Can't work with Allie Briggs.

Pride: Well, this isn't about you. It's about the future. And it's a bleak one for these kids who are ready to inherit it. It's time for a change.

Holland: There you go, drinking the Kool-Aid.

Pride: Look at everything that we've experienced this past year. The protests, the marches...

Holland: Chaos, looting.

Pride: Oh, you're smarter than that. There's always gonna be opportunists, bad actors. But the vast majority of these folks are peaceful.

Holland: I put my career on the line helping change the department, and all that girl sees is what's still wrong.

Pride: Because there's a lot that's still wrong. You wouldn't be on this commission if you didn't see its value.

Holland: That girl, Dwayne... She's opinionated.

Pride: But only because she's passionate, and she's young. Don't you remember what that felt like?

Holland: Vaguely.

Pride: We've had our time. It's her time now. Let's help her shepherd this city that we both love into a new future.

Holland: The girl's got no respect.

Pride: To get respect, you've got to give respect. And that young woman registered more first-time voters in this city, in this last election, than in the previous five combined. Mayor Taylor handpicked Allie for this commission because she gets results. You got to give her a chance.

Like most shows nowadays, Holland relents to the BLM message and even agrees to work with the commission to try to reform the cash bail system. At this point, Allie quits the commission for unknown reasons, but that’s sure to be solved in the second part. Whatever the reason, there’s reason to doubt it’ll be that she learned not to call people fascists during a meeting.

To see a long-running show like NCI: New Orleans go so low as to sell out New Orleans to appease whiny progressives like Allie is disappointing on its own. To see it sell out New Orleans while still peddling BLM lies is just the final nail in the coffin.

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