'Pansexual' Jesus Votes and Curses on Sarah Silverman's Hulu Show

November 1st, 2018 11:05 PM

The end is in sight for the latest season of Hulu’s I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman, but that doesn’t stop every episode from being more excruciating than the last. In a true pinnacle of awfulness, she provides a sketch with the voting, swearing, pansexual version of Jesus Christ. It just goes to show that when they go low, Sarah goes lower.

In this scenario, Sarah runs into Jesus Christ, played once again by Fred Armisen, at the polls. From there, it doesn’t take long to inevitably get raunchy and political with the religious figure worshipped by billions.



“Jesus” makes comments on things like:

  • His Testicles: “Instead of being filled with semen, they’re filled with clouds... [ejaculation] is actually quite painful."
  • Illegal Immigration: “We live in a nation where they’ll let a Middle Eastern guy into their hearts [Jesus] but not into the country.”
  • Cursing: "I curse all the time. Fuck fuck fuck. Damn. Piss. Hell. Bastard. Shit."
  • Sexuality: “I’m essentially pansexual. I love everyone and everything. In fact I had mind-blowing sex with an oak tree the other day... Everyone is my type, I'm literally attracted to everyone...I'm getting hard just picturing [the dancing guy from the Six Flags commercials.]”
  • Voting: "I don't want to pick sides, but let's just say, I brew my own kombucha.

Just last week, Sarah lectured to the viewers about how people use Christianity as a “shroud” for their own bigoted behavior. Now she’s trying to turn the tables and use her “Jesus” to promote her own beliefs. Then again, as she mentions herself specifically in this episode, she’s a hypocrite. I just wish she didn’t have to drag the Son of God into it.

The show started off with another “quickie” which is starting to become a game of how much leftist propaganda material can she stuff in three minutes. As usual, the comments range from ignorant to wrong to blatantly vulgar.

There’s complaining that Trump is bringing in the military to stop “human beings fleeing danger” (which she can’t prove). There’s whining that Trump has done nothing in his two years as president besides giving massive tax cuts to billionaires and appointing “crying calendar man” to Supreme Court justice (not counting a 3% GDP growth and Justice Neil Gorsuch). There’s even linking Trump’s “nationalist” comment as responsible for the recent Pittsburgh shooting and the bomb scares (but I’m sure she thinks Bernie Sanders is rightfully blameless for James Hodgkinson). And Trump has a “starring role in our current epidemic of domestic terrorism. It’s how we end up with 14 bombs to 14 people he has publicly targeted."

Sadly, that’s not enough for Sarah as she then jumps into a monologue about her disgust for the election system. She whines about how every state only gets two senators, the way the House of Representatives is divided among the country, and everything to do with the electoral college. Basically, anything that has to do with giving less populated states power is something she doesn’t like. She pulls the usual “living document” argument to claim that people need to change the outdated mindset of the old Constitution. Except the 14th Amendment, apparently. That must be set in stone.

Finally, she has a conversation with Gavin Newsom, the current lieutenant governor of California. In keeping with her disgust for low-populated states, they spend half the interview boasting about California being the “most un-Trump state” with its diversity and intake of refugees. This completely bypasses the fact that California has the highest poverty rate as well as one of the highest living costs, according to Politifact of all places. The point is, states have plenty of motivations to not be like California.

The only thing this show reveals at this point is Sarah’s profound ignorance regarding politics, religion, and anyone outside of Los Angeles. Now it’s almost like she wants to offend people on the other side. And she’s doing a pretty good job at that.