‘Hell Sounds Nice’: Lefty Twitter Damns Basic Christian Beliefs

June 26th, 2019 3:31 PM

Radical libs are spectacularly ignorant of Christianity, but this comes as a surprise to no one. To publicize how little they know about the Bible and its contents, George Takei’s website published an article yesterday about a tweet from a Christian girl’s account. The tweet explained that there are some things -- like masturbation and adultery -- that are sins according to traditional Christianity. The responses to the tweet were horrendously vile.

The tweet was posted by Kristen Hodge -- a 23-year-old girl with barely six thousand followers. Hodge was swamped by a mob of Twitter verified accounts that beat her follower count by a hundred fold.

Hodges’ tweet read:

You can’t be a Christian and think these are okay and/or are not sins: 

- Being LGBT

- Sex before marriage

- Being lustful 

- Mastubation [sic]

- Getting drunk/high

- Cheating/lying 

- Cursing/quick to anger 

People c’mon. God loves everyone but not everyone will go to Heaven!

Koh Mochizuki -- the author of the GeorgeTakei.com article -- was left aghast by this list. Mochizuki derided Hodge’s Christian beliefs as “outdated views on religion” and praised the “many sects of Christianity” that embrace the LGBTQ community. Mochizuki asserted that Hodges tweet “has nothing to do with the teachings found in the New Testament.” 

Au contraire. Here are a few New Testament verses that vindicate Hodges list: Matthew 5:27-30, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, 1 Peter 4:3, Ephesians 5:18, Romans 13:13, Galatians 5:19-21, 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, 1 Corinthians 6:18-20.

Despite the many times immorality is mentioned in the Bible, liberals on Twitter were shocked that Christians believe in sins.

Potty-mouthed Tony Posnanski was especially offended by Saint Paul’s condemnation of profanity. For every five words in Posnanski’s reply, one was a curse word. Posnanski politely asked Hodge to “eat shit” for “disrespecting the LGBTQ community” and promised his followers a round of drinks in hell. 


Blue-checked associate professor Eric Sprankle regularly rails on Christianity for its stance against sexual immorality. According to Sprankle’s pinned tweet, if “your religion left you feeling ashamed of your sexuality,” it’s time to find a new religion. Sprankle predictably  took issue with the Bible’s opposition against masturbation, tweeting “If masturbation doesn’t exist in heaven, is it really paradise?”

Many of these resentful tweeters stated that they preferred to go to hell anyway. One video game developer tweeted, “Hell sounds nice. All the cool kids in one big ass melting pot. If it was real I’d rather go there.” Another user tweeted, “If hell exists, I bet it’s a party.”

The disdain for basic Christian beliefs speaks for itself.