Baseball Strengthens Woke Credentials With CRT Nut At Fenway Park

October 5th, 2022 12:09 PM

Ibram X. Kendi Put another notch in Major League Baseball’s woke belt. Particularly the Boston Red Sox, who turned a ceremonial first pitch into an indoctrination of critical race theory (CRT). 

On Monday night, the Bosox invited Ibram X. Kendi to throw out the first pitch – usually an innocuous event. But he’s been throwing deceitful pitches at public education for some time now. Honoring him at a game is as good as promoting what he's specifically known for.

Kendi is a radical Boston University professor, a peddler of critical race theory, a contributor to a book followup to the farcical 1619 Project and the author of a children’s indoctrination book titled Goodnight Racism. 

The 1619 Project was founded by a New York Times contributor, Nikole Hannah-Jones, which goes without saying it lacks historical accuracy. The Heritage Foundation reports it has been “roundly debunked by a chorus of renowned academics for gross factual and thematic inaccuracies, its most outlandish claim is that the American Revolution was fought to protect slavery.

The respected historian of the American Revolution, Gordon Wood, said he does not know ‘of any colonist who said that they wanted independence in order to preserve their slaves.’ Nor does anyone else. There is no historical record.”   

Plain and simple, Kendi’s appearance at Fenway Park was a brushback pitch at conservatives who detest his anti-American influence on government education and the students subjected to its woke propaganda. Numerous states are attempting to ban it from public school curriculum. 

Kendi tweeted:

This thing he calls “education” is something else entirely. 

Kendi is a bomb thrower who condemns white people for not being anti-racist enough. He harped about it at the American Federation of Teachers conference last year: 

In studying the history of racism, even studying the history of times in which people were being racist, what I found was a consistent, sort of, narrative was just denial, was, was people just denying the ways in which they were being racist, their racist policies, their racist ideas. 

To be antiracist is to admit the times which we’re being racist. To be racist, is to constantly, consistently, deny, deny, deny, like Donald Trump.

Kendi doesn’t just write books and blast Americans who have not exhibited racist tendencies, he also trains faculty and students to share his hateful views.  

In 2021, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee paid Kendi more than $40,000 to promote critical race theory, his books and train its faculty and students. 

Kendi has become a millionaire, proving once again that race hustling is lucrative business – whether claims of racism are actually true or not.  

This event at Boston’s Fenway Park also proves that professional baseball no longer deserves to carry the mantle of America’s favorite past-time. MLB also got slammed earlier this season for promoting child sex change surgery, and now it is openly pitching CRT.