‘THIS IS NOT A DRILL’: Activists FREAK as SCOTUS Takes Case That Could Overturn Roe v. Wade

May 17th, 2021 6:30 PM

The United States Supreme Court just announced that it will take up a Mississippi abortion case that could potentially affect the so-called right to abortion in the entire country and blue checks on Twitter are giving their doom and gloom responses.

SCOTUS announced on May 17 that it would provide a ruling on a controversial abortion ban from the state of Mississippi and hear the case next fall. The Mississippi law – passed in 2018 but blocked by lower courts – banned all abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

LifeSiteNews summed up the threat to Roe, writing that SCOTUS is now set to hear the case “which challenges the ‘viability’ threshold of current legal precedent and therefore sets the stage for a decision that will either uphold, overturn, or modify Roe v. Wade.” The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Mississippi ban (prompting the SCOTUS ruling), citing that the 15-week-ban violates legal precedent that abortions cannot be banned before the unborn baby is viable, which is around 22 to 24 weeks. That precedent, according to the circuit court, traces “an unbroken line dating to Roe v. Wade.” If SCOTUS sides with Mississippi’s ban, then Roe v. Wade would be in the crosshairs.

Again, the idea that a chunk could be taken out of the federal right to kill their preborn offspring put leftists on Twitter into a state of panic. Ilyse Hogue, the president of America’s largest abortion lobby, NARAL, tweeted that this was the culmination of devious GOP pro-life designs, something leftists were desperate about in their disgusting protest of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment. 

Hogue tweeted, “Never forget that McConnell and others mocked us and gaslit us through the Kavanaugh fight for claiming that legal abortion was in jeopardy. They knew. They lied. We knew. We fought. And we're so far from done fighting.” Of course, we all knew why leftists went scorched earth in their defaming of Kavanaugh, to prevent a conservative SCOTUS from hearing a case like this. 

The ACLU appeared panicked in response to the news. From its official Twitter account the far leftist activist organization tweeted, “this is the moment anti-abortion politicians have been waiting for since Roe v. Wade was decided: The Supreme Court just announced that it will hear a case that could decimate the constitutional right to abortion.” If pro-baby killers weren’t alarmed before that tweet, they are now. 

New York Times contributor and feminist author Amber Tamblyn spread fear on social media as well, tweeting, “This is not a drill. The path to overturning Roe Vs. Wade is this one. Support organizations like @NARAL today. Give your money, give your time, give your attention. Spread the damn word.”

And far left gay actor George Takei tweeted, "Incredibly concerning. With the stacked Trump court, reproductive rights are under threat as never before."

Yeah, so are unborn babies, Mr. Takei, and, God willing. SCOTUS will think of them in the upcoming ruling.