Lefty Outlets Cover for ‘Infanticide’: Slam GOP Bill as ‘Extreme Anti-Choice’ Attack

February 26th, 2019 4:44 PM

“Whatever you do, don’t call it infanticide.” That’s part of the progressive media’s plan to cover for the Senate Democrats who on Tuesday shot down a GOP bill that would have protected the lives of babies born after surviving an abortion.

Of course, the Democrats’ nay vote on Republicans’ ‘Born Alive’ bill amounts to an explicit defense of infanticide, but they and their friends in the media have been doing the best they can to spin themselves into being the victims of a smear campaign conducted by rabid “anti-choicers.” Various lefty outlets did just that, calling accusations of infanticide flat out lies, tip-toeing around the reality by calling the bill an “anti-abortion effort,” or slamming conservatives as promoting an “extreme anti-choice bill.”

This is really the only game lefties have left to play on the issue.

The Washington Post published an article on Monday morning with the deceptive headline, “The Latest: Democrats Block Senate GOP Anti-Abortion Effort,” which mentioned that “Opponents” of the GOP bill “say the measure was an effort to appeal to conservative voters and continue a GOP assault on abortion rights.” But with WashPo headlines such as this, it’s clear that the outlet is the one trying to spin for their readers.

In San Francisco, The Mercury News headline was a ho-hum “Democrats Block Abortion Legislation in Senate.”

At the Huffington Post it was about the evil anti-choice manipulations of Donald Trump and the Republican Senate. HuffPo was incensed the president tweeted it like it is; the Democrats were defending “executing babies after birth.” Huffpo also referred to the condemnation of infanticide as merely a “Republican anti-abortion bill.”

Far-left Alternet slammed “Trump’s abortion lies,” and called newly-minted infanticide promoters “women’s rights activists.” Alternet reported, “Women’s rights activists were relieved late Monday when Senate Democrats blocked an extreme anti-choice bill from advancing to a floor debate.” Hmm, “extreme anti-choice” eh?

And finally loony progressive outlet ThinkProgress got in on advocating for newborn slaughter as a women’s choice with their own headline: “Senators to cast show votes on anti-abortion bill after manufactured ‘infanticide’ controversy.” Yes of course this one played into all the hard-spun talking points, like “infanticide” not being the appropriate term for murder of live infants, or that this issue is somehow still regulated to abortion category, and therefore another way for GOP monsters to control women’s bodies.

It’s all truly sick.