CBS Drama 'FBI' Bucks Pro-Abortion Language, Calls Unborn Child 'Baby'

November 7th, 2022 1:53 AM

The CBS drama FBI continues to buck left-wing trends this season, most recently with an episode that referred to an unborn child as a "baby."

In Sunday's episode, "Double Bind," a 5-year-old boy is kidnapped by Chechen terrorists. The mother of the child, Liza Peters (Annika Boras), is a former undercover CIA agent with access to an asset the terrorists want.

Special agent Nina Chase (Shantel VanSanten) becomes deeply invested in the mother's plight.  When Agent Stuart Scola (John Boyd) interrogates the mother with suspicion that she is withholding information, Chase chastises him.

"She's a mother, and she's scared," Chase says. "I'm surprised you can't really relate to that." 

Scola, who was Chase's lover, is surprised by Nina's reaction. He's also worried because she has shown signs of illness. 

She soon reveals to him that she's pregnant and that he is the father. She does not yet know if she is going to keep the child.

As the case proceeds, Peters risks prison to transport the asset in the hope of rescuing her boy. She changes her mind, though, on the way to the ransom location. With Chase's help, the FBI instead devises a plan that will both save the boy and protect the asset.

The pregnant Chase increasingly connects with the desperate mother as they get closer to the boy's location. Chase finds the boy but is discovered by one of the terrorists. Scola kills the terrorist, saving Chase and the child.

The wounded Peters, who may face prison time for initially transporting the asset, tells Chase that she's willing to accept whatever happens to her.

"They were gonna kill my son," said Peters. "And at the end of the day, he's safe. That's enough."

As the episode closes, Chase announces to the FBI team that she is moving to the less dangerous white collar crime division. Scola accompanies her to the elevator and asks her about the pregnancy:



Scola: Why are you really leaving?

Chase: I just need some time, like I said, you know, to figure things out, what I'm gonna do with my life and you. 

Scola: So what about the baby

Chase: I don't know. Like I said, I just need some time. I'll call you, ok?

Scola: Yeah.

Chase: Bye. 

Medicalcriminal and legal dramas have been falling all over themselves with over-the-top pro-abortion messaging this fall.

While BLM hysteria punctuated the 2020 and 2021 television seasons, anti-Dobbs hysteria is marking the 2022 one.

The fact that FBI even uttered the word "baby" about an unborn child rather than saying "it" or some vague pro-abortion euphemism goes against the grain of this year's television messaging.

"Double Bind" was not the first time this fall that FBI took an unexpected direction. In the show's season opening in September, the villain was a left-wing terrorist targeting a Federalist Society event. Federalist Society characters were portrayed as decent people.

There must be a secret conservative somewhere in the FBI writer's room who has given the series a saner political vibe than other network dramas.

Whoever this mysterious CBS scriptwriter or writers is, I salute their bravery and hope they can keep their job.