On CBS, 'FBI: Most Wanted' Targets Georgia & Tennessee Pro-Life Laws

September 27th, 2022 11:13 PM

CBS' FBI: Most Wanted pushed a Democratic ideological agenda again this week with an abortion episode attacking states' pro-life laws. 

In last night's episode, "Taxman," a woman named Darla (Dani Deetté) is unable to get an abortion in either Tennessee or Georgia. She spirals into violent revenge after her abortion request is refused.

Darla is an IRS employee who was raped by two colleagues at a conference in Florida.

She has dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder, but has stopped taking her medication. After discovering she's pregnant and unable to get an abortion without a police report of the rape, she kills the two men who raped her and then drives toward the Georgia clinic that declined to perform the abortion.

Via a laptop interview, the FBI team warns the Georgia abortionist, Mary, about Darla.



Mary: Darla is nine weeks pregnant. She told me that she had been sexually assaulted and couldn't get help in Tennessee because they have no exception for rape. So she came here to see us. 

Agent Gaines: Did you do the procedure?

Mary: No. We do have an exception for rape in Georgia, but you're required to bring a copy of the police report you filed. And she didn't have one. 

Agent Scott: How'd she react?

Agent Barnes: Well, how do you think? She was raped and nobody would help her.

Mary: She said the assault happened in Florida, and it was too late to get a police report. And she just wanted it out. She even demanded we give her mifepristone and misoprostol so she could go home and do it herself.

Agent Gibson: That's the abortion pill, right?

Mary: We don't call it that, but yes. I told her that it wasn't possible without a police report either. She got even more upset, and she left. And she hasn't come back.

Agent Cannon: Call Atlanta pd?

Agent Scott: Yeah, go. Mary, you have security there?

Mary: They always keep a guard outside. Why?

Agent Scott: Darla's a fugitive wanted for murder, and we think she's in Georgia right now. I'm concerned you could be a target. 

Mary: Seriously? Usually, it's the protesters we worry about, not the patients. 

I doubt FBI: Most Wanted would ever show a crisis pregnancy center worker telling the FBI how she worries about violent threats from "protesters." Violence against crisis pregnancy centers is ignored by Hollywood and the media.

The scene presumes that an abortion would "help" Darla and that the police report requirement is an unfair burden. But how is it better for rapists to go uncharged? And what is helped by creating a second victim in the child and further physical and psychological trauma for Darla via abortion? None of those issues are addressed.

When Darla reaches the clinic, she takes Mary hostage and cries, "I want it out!"

In desperation, Darla grabs a surgical instrument from the table and attempts to abort the child by herself. Ambulances arrive on the scene as she is bleeding out and she survives. 

The 2022 network television season has barely begun and a popular show is already attacking new pro-life state laws in the wake of the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision

Hollywood, which takes its cues from Planned Parenthood, will no doubt have many more shows this season with a pro-abortion formula. The abortionist will be a warm and kind women who cares about her patients, not one of the multiple real-life abortionists who have kept dead unborn babies in jars as trophies.

More scripts will likely focus on the rare number of abortions in cases of rape while avoiding the ways in which abortion is used by rapists and predators to cover-up their crimes. 

This particular episode of FBI: Most Wanted also tossed in some lines attacking white men just because Hollywood likes to insult white guys nowadays.

The killer is first reported as a white male since Darla cut her hair short and dressed like a man to murder the IRS co-workers who assaulted her.

When the FBI gets the case, an agent quips, "Well, yeah, a young white male, rage issues with the government. I'd say that's a concern."

One of the men who raped Darla was black and the other white. The black man is the first killed. His wife suggests a racial motive for the killing and smears white people in general.

"It's not obvious? A white racist loser angry at the world. The country's full of them."

Could a television show get away with such dialogue about any other race? Why is it increasingly common on television for characters to speak about white people as though they are inherently evil?

Last week's episode of FBI: Most Wanted attacked the Second Amendment. This week, it's pro-life laws and white men. The new season is just more left-wing propaganda in a cut-and-paste crime drama.