'How to Get Away With Murder:' 'Historically Selfish Men' to Blame for Inequality

October 18th, 2019 12:57 AM

This week, ABC's How to Get Away With Murder continued its long streak of writing left-wing talking points as pretend drama. The show seems to have been created for the sole purpose of promoting both gay sex and left-wing propaganda. Past seasons have claimed that we are a country of racists, sexists and homophobes and shown gay threesomes. This season, the show's final, has already compared ICE agents to criminal gangs and fueled an anti-cop narrative.

On the episode “I Hate the World,” on October 17, law student Michaela (Aja Naomi King) goes to find her long-lost father, Solomon Vick, at a “Changemakers Conference” in the New York. Her father is a billionaire “feminist” who is going to use his wealth to help women achieve “equity.” 



Interviewer: Solomon, let's talk about your sudden interest in the women's space.

Solomon: Oh, my interest in women is not sudden, Kelly. [ Chuckles ]

Interviewer: Business-wise, you've taken on a feminist mantle, something many women in this audience might find self-serving.

Solomon: Let's be clear -- women have no power. [ Audience murmuring ] Quite frankly, it's my belief they never will. Expand. Power comes from money, and today only 3% of venture funds go to women-led businesses, with 2.2% almost exclusively going to white women. The only people to blame for this inequality are rich, powerful, historically selfish men.

Gabriel: I kinda like him.

Interviewer: So you're saying it's up to men to save women from this predicament?

Solomon: What I'm saying is, men typically invest their money, while women donate it. Now, until that changes, it's on men to right the financial wrongs that they created, and the best way to do that is to invest in women.

Interviewer: Well, how do you personally plan to do that?

Solomon: As of today, Vick Capital is opening a $500 million fund to invest solely in women entrepreneurs. [ Applause ] Now, who wants some of that? Anybody? Because I cannot wait to give it away.

Since the writers know nothing about economics, they imagine in their own minds that there is a cadre of rich, selfish men who just want to keep women down. In fact, as the Foundation for Economic Education has long pointed out, free markets have empowered women while the welfare state has nationalized industries dominated by women, or smothered them in red tape.

Solomon later says, “Most people try to band-aid our parity problem. Now, they focus on equality, ensuring everyone has equal access, instead of equity,” In other words, women’s and men’s choices explain the pay gap. So “equal access” is not enough, we must force “equity” by artificial means. This is textbook statist thinking.

When the episode is not wasting its time recycling talking points from a feminist conference, it is inventing race-baiting hysteria. In a separate plot, a mogul has created a dating app algorithm she plans to sell to the U.S. government for $50 million. Attorney Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) hates the mogul because she is convinced the government only wants the algorithm for one purpose.

“The government is gonna use it to weed out people of color from housing, employment applications, all because an algorithm deems them as less than desirable,” she tells her law firm boss. Meanwhile her boss talks about “unarmed black men killed for daring to live.”

“You're perpetuating racism, sexism, homophobia, you name it. And you're handing it to a dangerously flawed government for coin,” Annalise tells the dating app mogul.

When the show is not promoting the idea of the United States as a cruel country determined keep down different races and sexes, it slips in more scenes of gay sex. In this case, the gay married couple have a threesome with a man they met on the dating app. At their ease at finding potential partners, another character says, "I hate being straight." The show’s creator once said he wanted to "right the wrong of all of the straight sex that you see on TV.” How “straight sex,” the kind that has perpetuated the human race for its entire existence, is a “wrong” that must be righted with gay sex is beyond me.

So if you want to watch homosexual threesomes as punishment for having seen heterosexual love scenes on tv in the past or if you want to be regularly lectured about what a horrible racist, sexist, homophone you are, you can tune-in every week to How To Get Away With Murder. Or you can just pull your finger nails out one-by-one. It’s more enjoyable.