Mother Tells Son She Wishes She'd Had the 'Choice' to Abort Him on Apple's 'The Morning Show'

October 20th, 2023 4:15 PM

Well, we can’t say they didn’t warn us. Apple TV+’s newsroom drama The Morning Show spent the better part of episode 7, “Strict Scrutiny,” strongly pushing Hollywood’s favorite agenda, abortion. They had a mother express regret that she didn’t have “a choice” in front of the adult son she wasn’t able to kill, and going so far as to say, “It was a proud moment for women everywhere” when main character Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) spoke about her abortion on live TV.

As usual, Hollywood lives in a bubble where they seem to believe everyone thinks the same as they do, hence the “women everywhere” line and having every single character express outrage when the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe was leaked.

In a strange storyline, UBA’s news president Cory (Billy Crudup) surprises evening news anchor Bradley by bringing her to his mother’s house for a visit. While there, his mother Martha (Lindsay Duncan) gives Bradley a tour of her home office, which has memorabilia from her time working as a press secretary for Geraldine Ferraro.

Bradley praises Ferraro as an “icon,” despite her losing her bid for the vice presidency. The conversation then turns to abortion:

Bradley: Oh, wow.

Cory: Oh, yeah. Mom was Ferraro's press secretary.

Bradley: Really? I loved her.

Martha: She got a little kooky towards the end, but that's what happens when you're a woman in politics. It breaks everyone. You'll see, when you get to my age, how far you've come and how far you have to go. The current is so strong, you wonder if you're swimming forward at all. There. Honorary campaign member.

Bradley: Are you sure? I mean, she's such an icon.

Martha: You're an icon, Bradley Jackson. True feminist. Cory was smart to bring you in.

Cory: Well, we're all fighting the good fight.

Martha: It was a proud moment for women everywhere when you told the world on live TV that you had an abortion.

Bradley: Oh, thank you for saying that, Martha.

Martha: So many of us didn't have a choice. Not that I don't love my boy but it would have been nice to have had a choice.

I mean, seriously?! This reaction on Twitter seemed to reflect our sentiments the best:

As Bradley and Cory drive back to the studio, Bradley gets a notification that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe has been leaked. That’s when all the characters are up in arms, claiming they “can’t understand this” and whining, “Can you believe this?”

Bradley: Oh, my God. There's been a Supreme Court brief leak. Oh, my God, they're overturning Roe. Gayle needs to know if we have the go-ahead to break into prime time to report on this leak. Is that okay?

Cory: Yeah.

Bradley: Okay.

Alex: You're not gonna even believe this. They're overturning Roe. I can't understand this.

Chris: What? That ruling isn't until June.

Alex: It's a leaked Supreme Court brief. Politico just posted it.

Chris: You think it's real?

Alex: Well, Alito writing for the majority. Amy Coney Barrett saying something about "domestic adoption needs" being met, which doesn't sound creepy at all.

Chris: And they're quoting medieval law to justify this sh*t.

Mia: I'm gonna clear tomorrow's show. Look for a new lineup in a few hours.

Alex: I'm going home, and I'm gonna get to work.

Mia: Okay. Can you believe this?

Can we believe the Supreme Court overturned a decision that should never have been made in the first place, was based on “rights” that don’t exist in the Constitution and gave the power to decide back to the states where it belongs? Yes, we can believe that.

The only people not outraged in the episode aren’t pro-lifers. There’s not one in sight anywhere. No, the people who aren’t outraged are, as one liberal outlet described, a “vapid, privileged white lady” and her friends who just don’t care about the matter:

Female 1: We went to St. Barts, and I brought the wrong color bikini.

Female 2: I hate it when that happens.

Female 1: Blue is not my color.

Female 3: Did you see her dress? She looked absolutely gorgeous.

Female 4: We have to fly commercial.

Female 5: I'm sorry. You all right with that?

Female 1: Play it by ear.

Female 4: Okay. Yeah.

Chris: What am I even doing here? What the f*ck¡ng f*ck? They're overturning Roe.

Female 5: Who?

Chris: Roe. Abortion rights.

Female 5: Huh. Oh, wow.

Chris: My body, my choice.

Female 5: At least we're in New York. We'll be okay.

Chris: That's your take? Really? Women are gonna die of ectopic pregnancies while doctors get sued trying to save lives. Rape victims will be forced to carry their assailant's child and the maternal mortality rate will skyrocket. Mostly for women of color because that is how sh*t rolls in this country!

Female 5: Jesus. Get me out of here.

Female 3: I know, right?

Female 2: What the f*ck is her problem?

Female 4: Triggered much? What is that? Why is she mad?

So, in Hollywood, you’re either pro-abortion or a shallow, clueless “white lady.” At least they aren’t even trying to hide that the establishment media is biased anymore. I guess we can give them points for honesty in that regard? But their false doomsday rhetoric, designed to scare people into supporting the killing of unborn children, gets a huge thumbs down.

Back at the studio, Cory tells upcoming news president Stella (Greta Lee), “Women are gonna be glued to the news. It’s a funny thing about misogyny. It’s always good for business.”

Since when did wanting to protect the lives of preborn babies become a form of “misogyny?” Especially when half of those babies are female.

Next, it was time for Jennifer Aniston’s character Alex to weigh in. She and The Morning Show’s executive producer Chip (Mark Duplass) are in disbelief as they quote RBG about it being essential that women be “the decision maker.” I think they should have quoted Abraham Lincoln instead who, when debating Stephen Douglas about slavery, said, “No one has the right to choose to do something that is wrong.” Or, any one of our feminist foremothers such as Susan B. Anthony, all of whom were strongly pro-life.

Alex: Hey, hey.

Chip: Hey. Guess you're gonna miss the after-party, huh? 

Alex: Oh, that after-party is so over. It's back to coat hangers and dark alleys, my friend. Can you f*ck¡ng believe this?

Chip: What the f*ck, man?

Alex: I don't know.

Chip: Look, I'm gonna sit with the editors, work up a video, history of the court on abortion. I say we run it first thing tomorrow morning, yeah?

Alex: Oh, and can you please pull the clip from RBG's confirmation hearing? It is essential that women be...

Chip: That women be the decision-maker. Yes. I already pulled the clip. I already sent it to him.

Alex: 'Course you did.

Chip: I've been reading your mind for 20 years. It's like my superpower.

Alex: Oh, gosh.

Chip: You know what I totally forgot?

Alex: What?

Chip: The original decision in '73... That was leaked too, remember that? The highest court in the land... They can't even keep a secret?

Alex: I know.

Chip: Well, it's all in there.

Alex: Oh, great Thank you.

Chip: So, call me if you need anything.

Alex: Yeah. Maybe just a red robe, and, oh, a bonnet.

Chip: Maybe we change your name to "Ofchip." Too soon?

Alex: I think a little.

Paul: Hey. I just heard the news.

Alex: It's insane.

Paul: Uh, yeah. So much for Kavanaugh calling Roe settled law.

Alex: I mean, we knew this was coming, but can you believe this sh*t? This is the world that Lizzy and her generation get to grow up in.

You mean a world that protects children like Lizzy from being killed in the womb, so they actually have a life to live? Yeah, what a horrible place that would be. #eyeroll