Character Praised as 'Legend' for Putting Poop in College Republicans' Fridge on Freeform Comedy

Alone Together is a new show on Freeform which chronicles depressing Millennial best friends Benji (Benji Afalo) and Esther (Esther Povitsky) living in Los Angeles. The second episode, "Road Trip," aired on January 17 and followed the pair going on a road trip with their friend Jeff (Edgar Blackmon) to celebrate Benji's birthday and we find out how they feel about Republicans in what might be the most disgusting way possible.

They're packing up the car to head to UC Berkeley where Jeff will be performing in a comedy show at alumni weekend and, as they're getting ready to go, Jeff says something about his time at UC Berkeley that has Benji confused. His clarification might make sense to Benji, but it has me more confused. 

Jeff: I'm kind of a UC Berkeley legend.
Benji: How can you be a legend? You dropped out. 
Jeff: Excuse you! I got kicked out because I pooped on a plate and put it in the College Republicans' fridge. I never paid for a single beer since. 
Benji: I like that. Respect, dude.
Jeff: Thank you.

What in the world? Is that how you would respond if a friend told you they did that to anybody's fridge, even your worst enemy? Who would even think to do such a disgusting thing? College liberals, I guess. Or maybe just liberals. You might remember the now-infamous photo of the Wall Street Occupier defecating on a police car, and antifa has been using fecal matter in slingshots. 

I wonder when Jeff went to Berkeley, though, that they actually kicked him out for this instead of considering it an act of free speech. These days, Berkeley pretty much lets the liberal students run roughshod over the campus as antifa burns it down when they are faced with a differing opinion. 

The trio ends up having a terrible time on their road trip, and I have to admit to a certain degree of satisfaction with that. I guess doing something that gross doesn't make you a legend after all. 

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