Bloomberg Is Now ‘Highest Spending Presidential Candidate of All Time’

February 19th, 2020 8:52 AM

Liberal billionaire 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is willing to spend $2 billion to defeat President Donald Trump, and he continues to put his money where his mouth is.

Advertising Analytics, which provides information on advertising spending, said in a tweet that “@MikeBloomberg is the highest spending presidential candidate of all time.” Bloomberg has apparently spent a jaw-dropping “$338.7M on traditional media, surpassing @BarackObama's 2012 record of $338.3M,” Advertising Analytics said Feb. 18.

The billionaire has poured an unheard of $401 million into his personal campaign within just the first three months of his bid. All of it came from his own wallet. He spent over $180 million in the first month alone.

In addition, the billionaire owner of Bloomberg News is currently the second-highest contributor to outside spending groups. Bloomberg contributed $15,059,000, all of which went to liberals.

Cash recipient Independence USA PAC, was formed by Bloomberg in 2012 to support candidates who backed things like gun control and the destruction of the coal industry. Another Bloomberg cash recipient, House Majority PAC, works to help Democrats maintain majority control in the House of Representatives. Bloomberg also contributed $5 million to Fair Fight PAC, a left-wing group founded by failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

From attempting to buy massive influence in Big Tech, to paying big cash for meme-makers to promote his campaign on Instagram and to spending more than $1 million a day on average on Facebook ads within a two-week period, Bloomberg appears set on attempting to buy his way into the White House.