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In an episode of NBC’s newest comedy Truth Be Told, titled “Adult Content,” issues come to the surface when Russell (Tone Bell) scores some free tickets to the Adult Film Awards. Asking his neighbor (and best pal) Mitch (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) to go with him, the first question is one of honesty vs. lying about going to the event. Deciding that honesty is the best policy, the guys go to tell the wives.

No bones about it, this Fox crime show is racking up the cameos, with two big guest stars in the lastest episode, “The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves.” 

The first guest appearance on Bones was actress Betty White, ninety-three years young and still a popular television favorite, who played a forensic anthropologist named Betty Meyer. 

Apparently Rosewood has turned Dr. Beaumont Rosewood’s mother, Donna, into the office psychologist. In a touchy feely moment in the episode “Necrosis and New Beginnings,” Tara asks Donna how she accepted her daughter Pippy as a lesbian. The conversation sprang from Tara’s sadness that she has no relationship with her own parents, who cannot accept her as gay. “God doesn’t make mistakes,” says Donna, implying that God makes people gay. Funny how Hollywood only portrays God in a positive light when it serves certain liberal purposes.

It’s a liberal’s world and the rest of us just live in it. Even when it means sitting through random swipes at the last Republican president. Last night's episode of the CBS medical drama Code Black landed a quick karate chop at the Bush family - because what could be more original in the year 2015?

In the episode “Be True,” FOX’s Empire judged the Supreme Court of the United States to be an archaic institution as it handed down the determination that gay marriage is legal in America. During a conversation between a visiting artist, Jamal, and his partner Michael, the artist states that gay marriage rights are just a way of shackling gays, as heterosexual partners are, in marriage. Who wants to be tied up in such an archaic traditional way?

What does a new grandfather do when he is trying to curry favor with his granddaughter after missing her second birthday party? If you are Jimmy (John Stamos), and own an upscale restaurant, you throw a grand party for her yourself. For good measure, Jimmy calls in a favor from old friend Richie Sambora.

In the CW’s Jane the Virgin episode titled “Chapter Twenty-Four,” Jane discusses how her grandmother is in this country illegally. How timely, in this election cycle, CW!

Through the magic of flashbacks, Jane frets that her police officer boyfriend may have an ethical challenge with her disclosure of grandma’s legal status. They just happen to be in bed together when she decides to break this news. Is this a deal breaker for Michael? Nah. Jane assures him that grandma isn’t a real criminal so everything is a-ok with him.

Season 7 of The Good Wife is off with a roar using timely references for its liberal, pro-abortion viewers. The writers pull no punches that this show promotes Hillary Clinton for President – a continuing part of this season’s storyline is that Peter (Chris Noth) is running for re-election as governor of Illinois and is really, really hoping to be Hillary’s pick for Vice President. In this episode, "Innocents," Alicia (Julianna Margulies), Peter’s ex-wife, notes how much their relationship and the Clintons’ are alike. Both relationships, you see, are full of adultery and enabling. How fun! Alicia and Hillary could swap tips on how best to live with a man who has so little respect for women!

Despite the implied nudity in the show’s opening scene, this episode, "I Choose You," of Grey's Anatomy actually earns a pat on the back for proving that Hollywood writers get it right every now and then. What caught my attention is that this episode explains true feminism quite well. Instead of victimhood being promoted as Meredith realizes she is being offered less money for her new position as Chief of General than she rightfully should expect, Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) teaches that women, as well as men, have to stand up and ask for what is wanted. “She needs to fight for herself.”

As promised in this interview with the show’s creator, Peter Nowalk has every intention to use gay sex scenes as a battering ram on the viewers of ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder," advancing his premise that America must be shocked awake. You are a prude, America, and Mr. Nowalk intends for you to loosen up! A new twist this year includes a lesbian relationship for Annalise (Viola Davis) with her former girlfriend. Surprise! Annalise is bisexual.

CBS' "Life in Pieces" was off the wall again this week.  So many clichés and tired narratives, yet only thirty minutes in which to squeeze them all. Grams and Gramps having sex on the family room sofa?  Check.  Explicit breastfeeding complete with throwback hippies called lactation consultants brought in to help new parents? Check.  Promotion of the demand that new moms avoid using baby formula?  Check that one off, too.

I confess, I am a new viewer of Empire. It was all the buzz last year, I know, but a gal only has so much time for guilty pleasures. I watched this season opener with optimism, given the good things I’ve heard from girlfriends. I was not disappointed by the spectacle. The sophomore drama is clearly feeling its oats after the smashing success of its first season. 

It’s not every night a viewer can tune into the pilot of a new series and watch a new dad placing a frozen medical glove into his wife’s hooha. But that is exactly what happened in the premiere of “Life in Pieces.”