Bush Derangement Syndrome Breaks Out on ‘Supergirl’

October 11th, 2016 2:31 AM

In a totally gratuitous move, Monday’s season two premiere of CW’s Supergirl (formerly on CBS) referenced a past American president to imply stupidity. Guess which one. 

In the the episode titled “The Adventures of Supergirl,” Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) is no longer Cat Grant’s (Calista Flockhart) assistant at CatCo. A replacement, Eve Teschmacher (Andrea Brooks), has taken the job. As usual, overly demanding boss Cat is not happy with Eve’s performance. Kara encourages Cat to give Eve a chance – after all, she went to Yale. To this Cat responds lamely, “So did George Bush.”

Of all the thousands of Yale University graduates, a former president was used as an example of an Ivy League school graduate who was thought to be less than brilliant because he’s a Republican. That’s just lame. 

Eight years later and elitist liberal television writers still suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome.