E! Channel’s ‘I Am Cait’: ‘Hillary Clinton Is a F***ing Liar’

Take a bus ride, they said. We’ll even pay for transsexuals to pose as your friends they said. It’ll be fun, they said!

Well, the national tour of Bruce Jenner and his/her merry band of liberal fascists/LGBT activists hit a bump in the road this week, as once again they decide to delve into politics. This time, though, the girls (?) try to gang up on Jenner and put him (?) in his place.

Just watch:

>> Caitlyn: I would never, never, ever, ever vote for Hillary. We're done. If-if Hillary becomes president, the country is over.
>> Candis: Oh, my God.
>> Caitlyn: You can't fix immigration. You can't fix the economy.
>> Candis: Oh, my God.
>> Caitlyn: You know?
>> Candis: The kool-aid. The kool-aid.
>> Caitlyn: We don't have a country. And Hillary will not do it.
>> Candis: She's an amazing woman.
>> Caitlyn: Tell me what she's done that's good. Tell me.
>> Bus driver: They're quiet.
>> Caitlyn: Please.
>> Bus driver: They're quiet.
>> Chandi: So you're a Republican up there, too?
>> Bus driver: Yes, I am.
>> Chandi: Okay. So he's cosigning for Cait.
>> Caitlyn: No, he's-he's a conservative American. He's an American, yeah. Yeah.
>> Chandi: Nothing against you. Boo, I still love you, too, but I just needed everybody to know that you're cosigning.
>> Candis: But, you know, there is a lot to love about Hillary. She's an amazing woman. Things that she's done in her life have been incredible! To go through...
>> Caitlyn: What has she done in her life? What has she done...
>> Candis: With the rights that-that... Of women that she's gone through, it's been incredible! She's become a lawyer when it was so hard to become a lawyer.
>> Caitlyn: What has she done?
>> Candis: She has served our Senate. She was our Secretary of State.
>> Caitlyn: And she was a lousy senator.
>> Candis: She wasn't a lousy Senator.
>> Caitlyn: She was horrible!
>> Candis: Tell me! Tell me the things she was horrible about!
>> Caitlyn: Look at all the things that are going on in the Middle East. All because of what she did. Look at... Look at Benghazi. She lied to us.
>> Candis: She didn't lie to us.
>> Caitlyn: She's a (bleep) Liar.
>> Candis: When it comes to debating politics with Caitlyn, it's not a debate. She just talks and is yelling at us. That's an uncomfortable situation.
>> Caitlyn: You want a person that's gonna lie to you? And then lied again about it and lied again about it?
>> Candis: I'm gonna go to the other room.
>> Caitlyn: And then all of her e-mails.
>> Chandi: Okay, okay.
>> Caitlyn: She's a political hack.
>> Kate: Oh, boy.
>> Caitlyn: That's all she is. She's done nothing.
>> Chandi: Okay. I-I have to... I have to listen. I think, in a position where there were so many people against Republicans, made her really defensive.
>> Caitlyn: Cleared this room out.
>> Chandi: Cleared it out. Nobody wants to talk to you right now, Cait.

Nice, right? Even the bus driver has had enough of this clown show. Notably absent was any response to the question of what Clinton had actually accomplished. Well, other than becoming a lawyer of course. Because apparently Hillary was the first female lawyer. Not really, but it seems like that’s what they’re going with. Not that the debate ended there:

>> Caitlyn: Tell me one good thing she's done.
>> Zackary: Where is this anger coming from? You seem like you're really angry about this.
>> Caitlyn: It's so upsetting to me to see where this... Where this whole thing is headed.
>> Zackary: You know, I really appreciate debate, um, but I'm really reticent to engage if somebody's at an escalated pitch with their voice. You know, I try to be as, like, diplomatic as possible, and especially when it comes to politics. Um, Hillary Clinton, when she was Secretary of State, was the person who spearheaded the effort to make it easier for trans people to change their gender marker on their passports.
>> Caitlyn: That is very good for us, okay? But we are .8% of the population, and that is a very small thing.
>> Zackary: Listen, she's somebody who's dedicated her life to gender equality.
>> Caitlyn: In the scheme of things, that is, like, itty-bitty, teeny-weeny...
>> Zackary: I can go on, but I won't go on if I'm being interrupted. I'm listening to everything that you're saying, and...
>> Caitlyn: If you look at it...
>> Zackary: But I unfortunately don't feel, you know, comfortable or safe enough to disagree with you. And I think that that's-that's unfortunate.
>> Caitlyn: You know what, I-I appreciate your candor and your calm voice. And you've calmed me down. But it's just... Very upsetting to me.
>> Zackary: You know, I'm aware that those ideas are out there, but I've never really been in the same room with somebody who's trying to kind of, like, come for me or come for, you know, my girlfriends, and sort of try to convince us that we're wrong. I mean, I think that probably comes from 65 years of being a Republican man.

Important to note that the entire show bases itself on what a hard life transgendered people have. And how much the world hates them. And how things are so unsafe for them. Yet, as you just heard, here’s this trans guy (?) literally saying this is the first time anyone has “come for him.” Or, really gone after him with the intent of criticizing who he is and trying to change him.

Which, of course, completely gives lie to the whole premise of the show. The premise of the show, that life is hell for any and all trans people, should make them pros after years of dealing with people like Jenner and by now should be intellectually humbling him given their massive practice at arguing with people who disagree with them.

But, remember the key words in that segment, about not “feeling safe” enough to continue the discussion. Because, true to liberal form, in the next segment the lack of any ability to actually disagree or debate on the issues leads to an “ideological intervention,” where libs retreat to the tried and true tactic of labeling their intellectual tormentors as “angry:”

>> Kate: The other day on the bus, I was a smartass. I said to myself, "Oh, I know Caitlyn's a Republican. Let's see if we can get a rise out of her." And I said, "Hey, Caitlyn..."
>> Caitlyn: Did it work?
>> Kate: "Caitlyn... Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?"
>> Caitlyn: Yeah, I know, yeah.
>> Kate: And we were off to the races. I walked out of the room while you were talking, and I want you to know it wasn't because of what you were saying. I want to know more about that.
>> Caitlyn: Right.
>> Kate: The kind of anger that was coming-- anger's a healthy...
>> Caitlyn: It's passion.
>> Kate: And I hear it as anger and I go, "Uh-oh, scared little boy, Daddy's angry." And I leave.
>> Jenny: Caitlyn, I want to make sure that you hear that it made not just Kate but many of us uncomfortable.
>> Caitlyn: Yeah, I-I look at all the issues, I think, in a much different way than most people in this room look at the issues.
>> Jenny: It's not about the issues-- we're asking you to hear the fact that we're telling you we were scared.

So, there you go. Have no argument? No factual basis with which to refute anything? On the wrong side of history and…basically everything? No problem! Simply denounce your opponent as mean-spirited and scary and retreat back into your safe zone.

To Jenner’s credit, he never took back the substance of anything he said. Which was awesome. But promised to be nicer. Because you wouldn’t want to harm the sensibilities of people who align with political parties that storm conventions and attack police and political opponents.

“Tolerance for me, but not for thee.”

Or, something.

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