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Dylan Gwinn is a sports talk radio host and the author of Bias in the Booth: An Insider Exposes How the Sports Media Distort the News

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Not a ton to dive into here. But any time you find a network primetime show that, though predictably biased, also picks at both sides and is actually funny, then credit is due.

Most televisions shows written by agenda-driven social justice warriors bent on spreading cultural rot will wait until at least Episode 5 or 6 before letting fly with their veritable cornucopia of obsessive masturbation, gay teen romance, and teeny bopper menstruation cycles.

Given the ratings disaster of Season One of I Am Cait, the E! Channel show dedicated to chronicling the transgender life of the man formerly known as Bruce Jenner, the producers and directors of the show starring America’s most famous “self-identifier” decided to begin Season Two by highlighting the aspect of Jenner’s life far more controversial, far more scandalous than even transgenderism: the fact that Jenner identifies as a Republican.

The Syrian refugee crisis formed the topic du jour of Sunday night’s edition of CBS’s Madam Secretary. Though they went with Libyan refugees in the episode titled ‘Hijriyyah’, the plot line remains the same.

On Monday night’s episode of The Fosters, titled ‘EQ’, the show dealt with the urge that most people feel after watching an episode of the ABC Freeform drama: suicide.

To the poor, naïve football fans among you who thought the Denver Broncos replaced Tim Tebow with Peyton Manning simply because Manning is a better quarterback...you are wrong. At least according to FS1’s Colin Cowherd.

So, I don’t really know how to describe this rap battle scene from CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend other than to say it may be one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

On Wednesday, between Blackish and Chicago PD, police public relations on network television did not have a banner day.

The two week hiatus that ABC’s Blackish took from any discernible bias or controversy came to a sudden and violent end on Wednesday night, in an episode titled ‘Hope’.

So, as we have discussed before, Showtime’s Billions does not shy away from the dramatic. Though, at times they may shy away from telling the absolute truth.

Family Guy is many things. It is reliably liberal, it is reliably depraved, and it is hilarious. However, one thing it is not is above poking fun at liberals, while pointing out salient truths.

Karl Marx made an appearance on Sunday night’s edition of CBS’s Madam Secretary, titled ‘Right of the Boom.’ And not just in the sense that Madam Secretary believes in the aggressive use of government force and power with little to no regard for human history, or the life lessons that it offers.

Manny Pacquiao is in the process of being picked apart by media and celebrities for his recent comments on homosexuality.

So it’s been a while since I’ve written about Showtime’s Billions. Mainly because the show is just awesome and largely unbiased.

A little good and a little bad on Family Guy Sunday night. We start with the good. In an episode titled ‘An App a Day,’ it appears Peter and Lois’ son Chris decided to send a picture of his “member” to a girl in class. Which of course necessitates a sit-down with the principal.

Consistent with its sole reason for existence, which is paving the way for the eventual ascension of Hillary Clinton to the Oval Office, Madam Secretary took occasion to remind us on Sunday night, in an episode titled ‘Left of the Boom,’ that Madam Hillary is the one person in Washington who understands why 9/11 happened, and maybe, no definitely, would have been the only person who could have prevented it.

So, Blackish was in rare form on Wednesday night, in an episode titled ‘Sink or Swim,’ wasting no time at all before diving into a historical recap of the stereotypical notion that African-Americans are no fans of swimming.

“It takes one to know one…” as they say. Which made it especially humorous on Tuesday’s edition of The Herd with Colin Cowherd when Cowherd, who is an avowed lefty, sounded off on the torrent of criticism Cam Newton encountered for his behavior after the Super Bowl.

I wouldn’t normally write about this, except that it’s become so exceedingly rare and unusual. Especially with shows primarily built on sex and irreverence. But The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend had a scene this week, in an episode titled ‘That Text Was Not Meant for Josh!’ involving a priest and religion. And it actually went…well.

Sunday may be for the Super Bowl, but Saturday was without question the day for shameless race-baiting and divisive agenda advancing.