Bernie Bro Mark Ruffalo Falls in Love With Recent ‘Lincoln Project' Ad

May 21st, 2020 4:28 PM
In pursuit of “higher-minded,” and “more enlightened” conservative principles, the never-Trump creators of The Lincoln Project have found unlikely allies in the radical left. This week the anti-Trump political action commitee founded by “Republicans” Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt, among others, curried favor with eco-socialist nutcase Mark Ruffalo, who…

‘DO BETTER’: Mark Ruffalo Blasts Trump for Saying ‘China Virus’

March 20th, 2020 1:47 PM
“Imagine there’s no Donald Trump.” Those are the lyrics actor and Bernie Bro Mark Ruffalo would probably love to see in an amended version of “Imagine,” John Lennon’s song about a communist utopia.The actor’s hatred for Trump superseded his desire for unity and calm in the wake of coronavirus and he took to Twitter to call the president's pandemic…

‘Dismantling Civilization’: Celebs Pin Virus on ‘Worst Human’ Trump

March 13th, 2020 1:12 PM
No matter what happens with the coronavirus, whether it consumes the world in its entirety, or mercifully sputters out, Hollywood nutjobs have already declared that the Chinese-originated virus is the worst thing imaginable allowed by the “worst human being imaginable,” Trump.  

Actor Ruffalo Asks Other Countries To Stop 'Public Enemy No. 1' Trump

February 25th, 2020 1:25 PM
Actor Mark Ruffalo is out here saving the world one promotional interview at a time, at least he thinks so. Talking to a reporter about his new environmentally-focused movie, the climate change-obsessed celeb warned viewers that President Trump is “public enemy number one.”

Hulk Smash Capitalism! Ruffalo Wants ‘Economic Revolution’

December 2nd, 2019 2:34 PM
Another multimillionaire lefty celebrity is pining for the death of capitalism and for some good old wealth redistribution. Avengers superstar Mark Ruffalo demanded an “economic revolution” on Twitter this past Sunday, claiming that “capitalism is killing us, and robbing from our children’s future.”  

Bozell & Graham Column: When Actors Play Scientist on Capitol Hill

November 23rd, 2019 7:45 AM
On November 19, a House subcommittee invited Bernie Sanders-backing actor Mark Ruffalo to testify on "PFAS" chemicals.  Ruffalo doesn't have a college degree in chemistry. He doesn't have a college degree in anything. But he's starring in a new  movie about a lawyer suing a chemical company. That's apparently scientific expertise.

Mark Ruffalo Ecstatic on Bernie: ‘This Cat’ Is ‘Fighting for Us!'

November 15th, 2019 6:46 PM
Avengers: Endgame actor Mark Ruffalo is a major Bernie Bro. When he’s not starring in his fourth Marvel comic adaptation of the year, you can find the Hollywood leftie Hulking out over the socialist presidential candidate on Twitter and going green (in more ways than one) over the Vermont senator’s climate change initiatives.  

Celebrities Threaten to Punch Trump, Fantasize About Assassination

November 2nd, 2019 6:00 PM
One actor threatened Donald Trump with a “left hook from Hell” and another fantasized about Donald Trump being assassinated. The following are a few of the most absurd examples of celebrity rage from the past month

Variety Laments ‘Nonsense’ Debate Question on Civility

October 16th, 2019 11:08 AM
With all the lamentations of Trump’s divisiveness, one would think that last night’s closing debate question about “civility” and candidates’ friends from across the aisle would be a nice change of pace, or at worst a hokey diversion. Well not for the Hollywood left. Any show of bipartisan civility stands in the way of the leftist agenda and should be cast aside.

Celebs Try to Make Voting Sexy: ‘Slide It In’ for That ‘First Time’

October 2nd, 2018 5:25 PM
Famous faces always do well in selling a product – and sex does even better. So if Carl’s Jr. can do it for burgers, why can’t Hollywood do it for midterm election votes? Same principle, right?  

Wait What? Unhinged Michael Moore Will ‘Take Care of Pence’

January 30th, 2018 2:08 PM
At an event called the “People’s State of the Union,” one would not expect so many progressive partisan speeches from out of touch celebrities. But the event, which took place on January 29th in Manhattan, was just that. Between Wanda Sykes starting the rally with a Margaret Sanger story and Mark Ruffalo telling the audience, “Don’t let the Koch brothers think that…

Celebs Unveil Grand Plans to ‘Resist’ Trump’s State of the Union

January 26th, 2018 3:11 PM
From carefully planned interviews to actual protests, Hollywood is doing its very best to thwart President Trump’s State of the Union speech. Wealthy, over-privileged actors and actresses have decided to give what they think is a more accurate depiction of the state of the union. Mark Ruffalo, organizing a “star-studded counter-event”, told People Magazine that his protest…

Bette Midler on Manafort: ‘Roll Out the’ Guillotine Carts!

October 30th, 2017 2:56 PM
Celebrities love being affirmed and validated. So while Hollywood is being rocked with its own sex abuse scandals around its brightest stars, plenty of has-beens are celebrating Manafort’s indictment. All of Hillary’s biggest celebrity supporters, acting as circling sharks since November 9, 2016, spent October 30 on Twitter wildly celebrating the indictment of a former campaign…

Spirit of Charity: Celebs Use Irma To Promote Climate Change

September 11th, 2017 3:28 PM
Kicking someone when they are down is never a good thing. It’s even less tasteful when wealthy, entitled Hollywood uses national tragedies to preach to the public about climate change. But while Hurricane Irma threatened Florida over the weekend, many celebrities did just that.