Hollywood Hacks Angry ‘Dangerously Racist’ America Didn’t Totally Repudiate Trump

November 4th, 2020 2:36 PM

President Trump may not be re-elected, but the fact that the election is close has left Hollywood celebrities flabbergasted.

Josh Gad, Minnie Driver, Mark Ruffalo, and Sarah Silverman are eaten up by hatred for Trump and are dreaming of the day when he is replaced by Joe Biden. They may get that, but without the resounding landslide they crave. And that has them baffled and angry. If America hasn’t totally repudiated Trump, they believe it’s because America is a sick, bigoted country full of hate. 

Josh Gad, who is famous for acting in Beauty and the Beast and Frozen, tweeted on Wednesday that “There can be two truths. Biden IS going to win this thing AND America has shown itself to be dangerously racist, pathetic and more willing to vote for hatred than their own lives. But at least we will get to fight another day. #CountAllTheVotes”

Gad’s statement would be accurate if he was describing America in the first half of the 1900s. But if it is applied to today’s society, his description is utterly meaningless. Where are the separate water fountains? Have there been any lynchings that the news outlets have suppressed? Do Alabamian whites still have seating priority over blacks in buses? Today’s concept of “racism” doesn’t hold a candle to America’s ugly history of intolerance.

What about people who vote for Trump, like the great football player Brett Favre and talented rappers Lil Wayne and Lil Pump? Are they automatically pathetic racists who value hatred above life itself? What a logical generalization to make.

Good Will Hunting actress Minnie Driver held sentiments that were similar to Gad’s, tweeting, “How can so many people in America, love so much that is awful?”

Well, maybe it’s because people are turned off by attitudes like hers. After all, as Gad and Driver have already proved, leftists aren’t known to be charitable. Contrary to popular leftist belief, there are other major reasons to vote for Trump aside from love for racism, sexism, and religious bigotry. (Does anyone actually vote for those reasons, aside from insignificant white supremacist groups?) 

Mark Ruffalo, who acted as the superhero Hulk in Marvel Cinematic Universe films, took on a more spiritual tone. He tweeted this morning that “America is suffering a soul sickness. We have to understand the divisive and violent character of this nation. Repair and Heal the genocide and slavery that we are also founded upon. Give those things their proper place and honor so that we can become whole.”

Touching. Ignoring the stupid descriptions (countries having souls is just sentimental drivel), “the divisive and violent character of this nation” was recently acquired when an organization influenced by Marxism started protesting, rioting, looting, and generally wreaking havoc throughout the country. They're called Black Lives Matter, and they are protected by mainstream news outlets who want to stir up trouble in order to mar the record of the current president of the United States.

“Repair and Heal the genocide and slavery that we are also founded upon?” Americans threw tea off British ships into the ocean to support genocide? Militiamen gathered together in Lexington to fight for slavery? A whole revolution was started for all that? Ruffalo should be sent to the corner of a schoolroom for mentioning such a historically inaccurate theory. 

Stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman, the same one who encouraged people to vote through a soft porn video, was also unhappy with the turn the election was taking. She tweeted, “Usually when a man steals children and keeps them in cages he goes to jail. But in America he is  neck and neck for president.”

Well, he never would have had cages to keep them in if the Obama administration hadn’t built them in the first place. And wasn’t Biden part of that administration? 

As usual, celebrities like Silverman make a big fuss over Trump’s treatment of kids while supporting a presidential candidate who advocates killing them in the womb. Typical obtuse leftist. 

These people were obviously expecting a landslide victory for the blue team, and now they’re whining over social media in disappointment since it didn’t happen. Grow up, celebs. You and the press may not have expected this, but not everybody worships Joe Biden.