‘DO BETTER’: Mark Ruffalo Blasts Trump for Saying ‘China Virus’

March 20th, 2020 1:47 PM

“Imagine there’s no Donald Trump.” Those are the lyrics actor and Bernie Bro Mark Ruffalo would probably love to see in an amended version of “Imagine,” John Lennon’s song about a communist utopia.The actor’s hatred for Trump superseded his desire for unity and calm in the wake of coronavirus and he took to Twitter to call the president's pandemic policies “racist.”

The Avengers star lectured the president for referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus.” Though the pandemic has interrupted life around the globe in part because the Chinese failed to be honest about the outbreak, AND though it’s from CHINA, referring to it as “Chinese virus” is “xenophobic” and makes Trump supporters act “violently and “exclusionary.”

Ruffalo got on his Twitter soapbox Thursday afternoon and addressed what he presumably thought was a necessary and brave post on behalf of the Chinese “race.” He tweeted:

First of all -- and forgive us for sounding nitpicky -- but “Chinese” is not a race, just like American is not a race. One can hate all Chinese people and that would be discriminatory, but it is not “racist.” There are several ethnic groups that comprise the inhabitants of China. But again, Ruffalo’s actor brain must pull from the liberal buzzword braintrust without thinking about what he’s tweeting.

Second: again, most of the reason that the virus is being referred to as the Chinese virus is because of expediency. The damn thing came from there and most normal folks will colloquially refer to it as so without flipping through the PC handbook to the lengthy chapter on “How to Politely Greet Foreign Viruses Who Knock On Your Door.”

Third, Trump explained in his coronavirus press conference on Wednesday Mar. 18 that -- in addition to referring to it as the “Chinese Virus” because it comes from China -- it’s his direct rebuttal to evil Chinese government propaganda which tried to insist that the U.S. military transported the virus to China.

So how cute is that? Mark is parroting the Chi-com line and worried about political correctness when China has endangered the world by covering up their outbreak, and then tried to blame us for it. Wow, what a great American.

But then again, as evidenced by his participation as the cheapest celebrity virtue-signal in the history of planet earth, Ruffalo would rather live in a world with “no countries.” Yes, he’s a real thinker.