‘Dismantling Civilization’: Hollywood Pins Pandemic on ‘Worst Human’ Trump

March 13th, 2020 1:12 PM

No matter what happens with the coronavirus, whether it consumes the world in its entirety, or mercifully sputters out, Hollywood nutjobs have already declared that the Chinese-originated virus is the worst thing imaginable allowed by the “worst human being imaginable,” Trump.

Again, TDS seems to be just as noxious as any airborne pandemic, and just as contagious.

Hellboy actor Ron Perlman, who looks like he’s survived several nuclear winters, whined like a schoolgirl with a scraped knee that Trump, not the Wuhan virus, nor media fear mongering, “dismantles civilization.”

The sourpuss tweeted, “probably the most fascinating thing about this uniquely cretinous being is that as he dismantles civilization with every breath he takes, as he is called to reckoning by every thinking feeling human worldwide, he seems like he’s doing just fine. Giddy even.” Oh yes because if he had Mr. Perlman’s quivering demeanor, we’d calmly weather this.

The always-hysterical Bradley Whitford shot straight for hyperbole, tweeting, “Worst human being imaginable in charge at our most vulnerable moment imaginable.” Gosh, that’s helpful.

Bernie Sanders diehard Mark Ruffalo used the threat of disease to disparage Trump’s other policies. He tweeted, “This is what we pay taxes for. Not for oil, gas bailouts, border walls, golf trips, or amoral Saudi-led wars in Yemen. It’s this. It’s testing Americans when there is a pandemic. When will the president wake up?”



Easy for him to say. What’s he going to complain about when that meteor shows up? Certainly not Barack’s NASA budget cuts, right?

Bette Midler tweeted that it was Trump’s “jealousy” of Barack Obama that is causing him to ruin the world. “So...what possessed Trump to dismantle the US Pandemic Response team put in place by #Obama, for just such an event as the one we are living through now? #JEALOUSY! This schmuck is so self centered, selfish, and COLOSSALLY STUPID...only worried about his own fat ass.”

Sure, Trump allowing millions to potentially fall victim just to get back at the previous administration is believable, huh? Well, sure if you’re one of these delusional and overpaid mouthpieces.