AVERT YOUR EYES! Amy Schumer & Hollywood Get ‘Butt A**’ Naked For Mail-in Ballots

October 7th, 2020 2:59 PM

Hollywood is so desperate for a Harris – ahem – Biden electoral victory this November that they are again using cheap gimmicks to get the low-information community out to vote. In their latest PSA, celebrities posed completely naked in a bid to get attention for mail-in voting. 

And no, we ain’t talkin’ bout Sexiest People Alive-eligible celebrities. We get to see Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and rotund manchild Josh Gad in their birthday suits.

Gosh, if we’re going to be lectured again, can’t we at least get the hot celebrities?

In a video posted by NowThisNews’s Twitter account, far left famous people got completely naked for their most recent Democracy-saving PSA. Partnered with progressive voting initiative, Representus, celebs such as comedian Chris Rock, Tiffany Haddish, Amy Schumer, Josh Gad, Silverman, Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Ruffalo, Chelsea Handler, and Sarah Silverman’s father of all people provided steps on securing and voting with a mail-in ballot.

The video starts off with Rock, followed by each of the celebrities (whose private parts are obscured of course,) sounding off: “I'm naked,” “I’m completely butt-ass naked,” “I’m naked,” “I’m like naked.” At one point Sarah Silverman comes into full view, cupping her breasts with her hands and quipping, “there isn’t a man behind me, these are my hands.” Funny stuff ...

The Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo joined the nudist troupe, saying, “I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘Ruffalo, put your clothes on?’” Silverman jumps back on screen with another gross line: “To be honest I wish I could cover my hands with my boobs, but here we are.” 

Well now that viewers had been sufficiently horrified, these naked celebrities clarified that this gross shtick was done in the name of instructing people how to deal with “naked ballots.” Ah, right. They explained how “Naked Ballots” are mail-in ballots that aren’t filled out or mailed in properly. 

They instructed viewers to be very careful and “read the instructions” that come with each ballot. “If they say to use a black pen, use a black pen,” Handler stated. One of them then explained how in Pennsylvania, for example, a ballot must be stuffed into two large envelopes before being mailed, otherwise it’s considered a “naked ballot.” 

Of course this type of exhibitionism isn't new from the Hollywood left. During the November 2018 midterm elections, famous people employed sexual euphemisms  in a PSA to describe their voting experiences, i.e., how they felt during their “first time,” if you catch our drift. 

This time, sexuality is all hanging out. In one horrific scene. Chelsea Handler tells viewers to secure their mail-in ballots while leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Though how could forget to secure them with the woman’s undraped form haunting our nightmares each evening until election day. 

This kind of exhibitionism isn’t too surprising coming from these progressive lunatics, but it is shocking to think that their hatred of Donald Trump further impels them to debase themselves. They’re like animals at this point. 

Also, isn’t this all highly unsanitary, especially in the age of Chinese Virus?