Is making a racist remark about President Obama's daughter worse than wishing a conservative talk show host would die?

Keith Olbermann, one of MSNBC’s resident leftists posing as anchors, named Jim Robinson, the founder of, as his runner-up on his “Worst Person in the World” feature on his Countdown program on Monday evening but twice called him “Jim Thompson.”

After first implying that “Thompson” and his site’s moderators were a bunch of juveniles, Olbermann explained that the reason why the Free Republic founder was so bad was because a few posters on one of the regular picture caption threads made “racist” comments, and that it took them supposedly “as long as three days before removing a comment thread devoted to the racist rage of a disturbingly large number of his posters, possibly some of the same people who had previously conducted polls on the site on how best to topple the freely-elected government of the United States” [audio clips from the segment are available here].

UPDATE AT END OF POST: Is Vancouver Sun writer a Daily Kos contributor?

MSNBC's David Shuster on Saturday told his fans at Twitter that he intends to report on some ugly comments made about President Obama's daughter Malia at the conservative website Free Republic last week.

For those unaware, a British Daily Mail article about a peace sign t-shirt Malia was wearing in Rome before the start of the G-8 summit was posted at Free Republic Wednesday evening.

According to the Vancouver Sun, this generated some tasteless remarks (readers are advised to see update at end of post dealing with this writer's possible connection to Daily Kos):