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Melissa Mullins is a freelance writer and public relations professional living in the Washington, D.C. area. 

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So much for the “tolerant” left being tolerant of anyone else who has views that differ from their own – at least when it comes to actor Joshua Malina and his views for anyone who supports or voted for President Donald Trump. The 51-year-old former West Wing actor, who now plays Attorney General David Rosen on ABC’s show Scandal unleashed some of the most disparaging statements about Trump supporters, actually giving Anthony Scaramucci a run for his money in the department of derogatory talk.

Forget calling America land of the free. According to Hollywood icon and actor Martin Sheen, America is the “land of lunatics.” During a press briefing on Monday for PBS’s newest season of Anne of Green Gables, Sheen told reporters at the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills that he was “relieved” to film in Canada.

Last March, Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer (N.D.) sent a letter to media executives at “the big three” of ABC, CBS and NBCUniversal ripping into their persistent pattern of media bias. The letter included several questions about newsroom standards, the presidential election coverage of Donald Trump, Trump’s transition and presidency, and of course, Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal.

In a recent Billboard magazine interview, country singer Miranda Lambert was given the opportunity to explain why she doesn’t use her music or the stage as a political platform.

Billboard’s Max Hendrickson reported “When I ask Lambert if she thinks that at this moment in history — with, among other things, this particular president in office — there is an opening for her to make the kind of issue-oriented songs [Loretta] Lynn became known for, Lambert is quick to dismiss the idea.”

After a USA Today writer complained the movie Dunkirk wasn’t diverse, now we have a writer from Marie Claire magazine basically calling the movie sexist because it’s about war and “celebrates maleness.” Mehera Bonner's main issue with the movie was that it was “so clearly designed for men to man-out over.” Though she did understand the war was pretty much dominated by male soldiers. Duh.

As if late night television needed another liberal comedian, along comes comedian Jordan Klepper, set to host his own Comedy Central talk show that will to take aim at the average American and the “alternative” media.

Debuting on September 25 in the Colbert Report slot at 11:30pm, “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper” the new host will apparently try a new version of the Colbert shtick, as an idiot-conservative and “alternative” news correspondent, making fun of conservative media and their wacky conspiracy theories. 

TBS Full Frontal host Samantha Bee appeared at the "Ozy Fest" in New York City and jumped into a rant for government-mandated family leave and health care, like they offer in her native Canada. She also said comedians can't be blamed for widening the political divide. The public should blame... Fox News. 

On Saturday, The New York Times came out with one of the most insulting and disparaging op-eds by its editorial board one will see, launching a full on written assault at departing White House press secretary Sean Spicer. In the July 22 editorial, the editorial board called him a “four-Pinocchio” press secretary that was drafted to the RNC’s “Big Show” — an obvious swipe comparing the Trump administration to a circus show before the administration was actually up and running.

Christopher Nolan’s new movie Dunkirk opened this weekend and is on target to become one of those iconic war movies, much like Saving Private Ryan did. Dunkirk is a gritty and heart-pounding movie that is vividly portrayed on the big screen with classic war themes of duty, trust, honor and the raw tragedy of war.

The media fawning over Barack Obama never ends, despite his having left office six months ago. Lefty news sites such as CNN, Bustle, Refinery 29 and The Huffington Post continued that fawning with a simple selfie photo of Obama with a cute baby at the Anchorage International Airport.

“Using charm, humor and universal themes, a pair of Netflix shows and a big-screen rom-com are providing a timely corrective to Trump-era alarmism about Muslims,” says leftist critic Caryn James in a "Critic's Notebook" article for The Hollywood Reporter titled "Undemonizing Muslims, One Comedy at a Time." She listed Kumail Nanjiani, Aziz Ansari, and Hasan Minhaj and their latest movie and TV projects. 

On Friday, Bill Maher told his HBO Real Time audience he was worried that Donald Trump was "not losing" and was looking like he might get re-elected. He has incumbency, "gerrymandering," and a propaganda department: He has "basically Pravda in Fox News, in Breitbart, in Drudge."

A recent New York Times op-ed took aim at Democratic female senators, accusing them that contrary to popular liberal opinion, feminism isn’t for everyone – at least when it comes to Muslim women who oppose Sharia law.

Scholars and Muslim activists Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Asra W. Nomani wrote a piece titled “They Brushed Off Kamala Harris. Then She Brushed Us Off.” They exposed the absolute hypocrisy  that they experienced from feminists on the left.

It was one of the most famous acceptance speeches at a Hollywood awards show. When she took the stage as the first African-American woman to win the Best Actress Oscar in 2002 for Monsters Ball, Halle Berry told a star-struck audience of her win, “This is for every nameless, faceless woman of color that now has a chance because this door tonight has been opened.”

Fast forward 15 years later, Berry is singing a different tune. Now she says it meant nothing.

Jason Samenow, a chief meteorologist of the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang, penned an op-ed for the Sunday paper slamming the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its decision to remove certain web pages that dealt with global warming science, claiming it was a declaration of “war.”

Talk about betraying a bias. A reporter from the Washington Post actually admitted that she and her cohorts had “a little bit of fun” assembling and highlighting examples of foreign leaders who have mocked President Trump. Anne Gearan, the reporter who cheerfully wrote a story last week titled, “Trump said foreign leaders wouldn’t laugh at the U.S. Now they’re laughing at him.”

Following the recent controversy for trying to boost ratings by interviewing the combustible fake-news Infowars host Alex Jones, NBC’s Megyn Kelly has completely reconfigured her Sunday night show by bringing on the families of Sandy Hook and editing her interview to seem tougher on Jones.

Jones is known for his conspiracy theories, most notably claiming the attacks on September 11 were a government inside job and for claiming the Sandy Hook massacre never actually happened. Kelly invited the families of Sandy Hook on her show so they could underline the pain of people suggesting their children weren't killed during the interview.

It seems as though Michael Moore is still bitter from last November’s election and directing anti-Republican movies as a creative and cathartic outlet. After all, who can forget his movie Fahrenheit 9/11 that the George W. Bush presidency and his War on Terror. Brent Bozell called it a "flagrant foul on the facts."

Moore has now teamed up with his former collaborators to produce Fahrenheit 11/9, a play on the title of his Bush-bashing movie, though this time the date signifies the day after Donald J. Trump was elected president...and liberals compared it to a "moral 9/11."

Liberals are putting their loathing of Donald Trump into everything. The Huffington Post featured an article headlined: "Resist Trump With These Mother’s Day Cards For Muslim And Immigrant Moms: And they’re made by queer and transgender artists of color."

With the hashtag #MamasDay, the nonprofit group “Forward Together” distributed 15,000 cards to such women in need. The group includes coalition members like CAIR (the Council for American-Islamic Relations).

Actor Robert DeNiro has made no attempt to hide his contempt for President Donald Trump, often using interviews as a platform to rail against Trump.  Last Monday proved no different when he accepted a lifetime achievement award and decided to use his acceptance speech and take aim at President Trump’s proposed budget, which would cut funds to the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  For the record, Trump’s budget wasn’t signed into law, but that didn’t stop DeNiro from calling it “bullsh*t.”