Huffington Post Gushes 'Obamas Color-Coordinate At Basketball Game'

The media's adoration of the first family knows no bounds.

Take the Huffington Post for example, which on Monday felt it was newsworthy to inform readers that when the Obamas attended a college basketball game this weekend, they actually wore the same colors as one of the competing teams:

The First Family attended the Howard University versus Oregon State basketball match on Saturday, and they showed their love of the game -- and for Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson who coaches Oregon -- with a little color-coordination.

Each of the Obamas donned orange and/or black, Oregon State's colors. Michelle paired a long sweater vest with a bright belt and the girls mixed in their team spirit, right down to Malia's orange sneakers.

You know, I bet that was the first time in American history a family attended a sporting event wearing the colors of the team they were supporting.

My understanding is the Huffington Post plans to next report how Mrs. Obama has come up with an ingenious idea to put a slice of American cheese atop a grilled ground beef pattie.

Readers won't want to miss that.

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