The difference between patriots and Trump-deranged Hollywood elites is day and night. This morning, actor Jon Voight appeared on Fox and Friends with Gold Star mom Karen Vaughn -- mother of a slain Navy SEAL -- to speak about the July 4th “Rally for Freedom.” When asked about an Alyssa Milano tweet calling him a “has been” and an “F-lister,” Voight prayed for the good of his fellow actor. 

The wait is almost over for Hollywood’s big Roe v. Wade film as an exclusive first look has been released online. The teaser, unveiled on Monday, features some new details about the film including the fact that Hollywood conservative superstar Jon Voight will be portraying Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger. The trailer is also set to have a grand unveiling for the crowds at this Friday’s annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Hollywood star and Trump supporter Jon Voight recently sent out a heartfelt message to fans on social media, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and also praising Donald Trump for “doing amazing things,” despite “the people trying to hurt our president.”

Most people would instinctively dismiss the idea that a Hollywood veteran of more than 50 films could be a President Trump supporter. But Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight has always stood out in that regard, and in an emotional interview with Fox News’ Mark Levin on Sunday he choked up while recounting a heartfelt chat he had with a conservative actress concerning the 45th president.

Conservative actor Jon Voight is used to making waves in the media for standing in direct opposition to their radical liberal viewpoints.

Voight appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio program Monday and shared how and when he saw Hollywood drift from its traditional American values and how that influenced culture.

A new biopic about Ronald Reagan is in pre-production, and Paul Bond at The Hollywood Reporter relayed that Manifest Film Sales has picked up international sales rights and will introduce the project to buyers at the Cannes Film Festival.

The producers of the $25 million film, simply called Reagan, "inked a deal for a U.S. release on 3,000 screens and $35 million in prints and advertising." It doesn’t sound like a Oliver Stone hatchet job, but is based on his historic role in bringing down the Soviet empire.

"The media has been overtaken by the Obama administration in no less a way than Hugo Chavez took over media in Venezuela.”

Such was said Wednesday by actor Jon Voight during a Spreecast with Steve Malzberg (video follows with transcribed highlights, relevant section nine minutes in):

Appearing as a guest on Saturday’s Huckabee show on FNC, actor Jon Voight condemned Time magazine for the cover on its September 13 issue which provocatively displays the words "Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace" in the middle of a Star of David made from daisies. Voight charged that there must be anti-Semitism at Time magazine if such a cover could be devised. Voight:

Listen, if Israel falls we all fall. Did you see the Time magazine, did you guys see the Time magazine cover? Cover? It was amazing. Here's a cover with a Star of David on it, and it says Israel doesn't care about peace. ... But this is anti-Semitism. This is, who are the anti-Semites who are running Time magazine? And their prior cover, you know, they alluded to the Islamophobia, they're calling America Islamophobic.

As previously documented by NewsBusters, Time managing editor Richard Stengel bizarrely seemed to see a down side to fewer terrorist attacks against Israelis when he appeared on the Thursday, September 2, Morning Joe on MSNBC, as he suggested that it was a "sad truth" that the low level of recent violence from terrorists -- including the "Hamas folks" -- had made Israelis feel less urgency about negotiating with Palestinians. Stengel:

Actor Jon Voight appeared on the August 22 "Huckabee" to discuss, among other things, his conservative activism and the media's misrepresentation of the Tea Party movement.

Here's a sample:

MIKE HUCKABEE: We heard that there were people yelling racial epithets at some of the members of Congress. Did you hear anything like that?

JON VOIGHT:  You know, when you saw this, folks, and you all read these things or you saw them on television, these rumors... are being distributed as truth. And I'm going to tell you  the quality of people that are in the Tea Parties are of such high moral character that if anybody in a group of those people came forth with a racial slur they would be called on the carpet... and they wouldn't stand for it, and we would know their names today. But there's no evidence of any of this, there's no evidence that these things really happened that were portrayed as news.

For interview highlights, check out the video montage we've assembled by clicking the play button in the embed above. Alternately, you can download the MP3 audio here or the WMV video here.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post implied that Friends of Abe had raised money for California GOP candidates, which is not the case. We apologize for the mistake.

In the giant morass of Hollywood leftism, there is a small - but growing - group of conservatives doing its best to sway the utter one-sidedness of celebrity politics.

The group, known as the Friends of Abe, includes a number of well-known A-list personalities, some of them renowned for their outside-the-mainstream (in their line of work) politics. Kelsey Grammar, Gary Sinese, Dennis Miller, and Jon Voight among them.

But though the group is small, secretive, and far less influential than its political-professional counterpart (the rest of Hollywood), "conservative frustration with the Democratic control of Washington might be helping them flourish," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Update - 5/11, 7:15 PM | Lachlan Markay: Associated Content responded to Mr. Schneker's allegations in an email. Details below.

A conservative writer is calling for a boycott of the popular online news site Associated Content after it allegedly heavily edited or deleted much of his work, and refused to compensate him properly.  

Marc Schenker, the writer who claims he was censored, says his conservative views were the cause. Associated Content, as Schenker notes, gets roughly the same number of monthly unique visitors as the Huffington Post and the Washington Post website.

"Associated Content claims to be a non-partisan website, encouraging its contributors to publish articles at will on any topic without prohibitions towards political ideology…unless, as it turned out in my case, YOU ARE CONSERVATIVE," Schenker wrote at the Jawa Report. Associated Content seems, in that sense, to reflect the same values of its non-digital media counterparts.

Jon Voight has written a startling letter to President Obama and the American people that he read on Mike Huckabee's Fox News program Saturday.

"In one year, the American people are witnessing the greatest lie that is cleverly orchestrated by President Obama and his whole administration," he wrote.

"The lie is a potent aggression that feeds the needs of people who either have not educated themselves enough to understand the assault upon us all or the very poor and needy who live to be taken care of."

The letter continued (video follows with full text courtesy Liberty News Online, h/t HotAirPundit, file photo):