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Jacob is an intern at Media Research Center. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and worked formerly for the NC Republican Party and the Civitas Institute.

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Singer-actress Bette Midler can belt things out. Not just her schmaltzy show tunes, but her Greatest Hits: her fiery, unhinged hits on conservatives, Trump, and pretty much any person who is not a member of the show biz left. She’s usually uninformed, always strident and pretty hateful. Here are five hits that, in the past year, have led people (even liberals) to question her sanity, chide her on Twitter, or simply roll their eyes.

Some speculate that 007 might get an ethnic makeover.

In the category of “misleading lefty clickbait stories with ridiculous headlines,” Newsweek put forward a contender on Nov. 14 under its “Culture” section. The full headline read: “REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR BLAMES MASS SHOOTINGS ON ZOMBIES, ABORTIONS, US ‘CULTURE OF DEATH’—NOT GUNS” And with that, author Benjamin Fearnow already started walking back that whopper of a title in the lede:

We’re now over a month out of the Kavanaugh drama, and the Hollywood left still has the public largely unconvinced that they have devoted themselves to #MeToo’s goals of respecting survivors and women as a whole. Since that time, we’ve seen HBO hire an “intimacy coordinator” to ensure that scenes of sexual abuse can still grace our screens, and now we have a movie which attempts to portray the “sugar baby” lifestyle in a positive light.

Even though new Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen is getting through softball network interviews without having to mention the A-word, America’s largest abortion mill’s strategy includes very public efforts to “destigmatize” abortion.

The media loves to award celebrities and politicians for their “bravery” and “courage,” and more recently, their “truth.” Truth in doing what, exactly? Well, if you guessed “towing the leftist line on every single issue without any hint whatsoever of a deviation” then you’re right.

Rapper Ice Cube and his buddies from N.W.A. spent the 80s and 90s glamorizing drugs and crime -- “F*** tha Police” to them was an acceptable way of life. However, every time a Republican president sneezes, Ice Cube has made sure to inform the public that actual bad things are going on. Remember when he compared George Bush to Saddam Hussein?

If you’ve been complaining that we just don’t have enough entertainment that paints conservatives as totalitarians, HBO has been listening. Hulu’s dystopian The Handmaid’s Tale has whipped feminists into a red hood-wearing frenzy, and Amazon’s got a show working the Trump-Nazi allusions hard. Now, HBO has greenlighted The Plot Against America.

Rapper Snoop Dogg likes to “drop” expletives at President Donald Trump “like they’re hot.” Snoop Dogg did that again on Nov. 8, according to the Huffington Post, after promising his more than 28 million Instagram followers he would “do some gangsta s***” at the White House if enough of them responded favorably.

On Nov. 7 Jon Levine, Media Editor at entertainment and media news website The Wrap, posted two tweets which had some initially puzzling thumbnails of other tweets embedded in them:

“Method actors” often immerse themselves in the life and experiences of characters they play to be able to bring believability to a role. Makes sense if you’re trying to portray a person in a plausibly real-world situation.

Last night Democrats got what most pundits and polls predicted they would get -- control of the House, no cigar in the Senate. So what are blue representatives planning to do for their constituencies who voted them ever so diligently into office?

At around 7 PM EST on Nov. 6, Fox News tweeted it’s projection that the Democrats were going to flip control of the US House of Representatives.

Long ago, Beyonce Knowles opened her breakup smash “Irreplaceable” with a chant: “To the left, to the left.” If that’s the political direction she’s hoping to move the Lone Star State with an endorsement of senatorial candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, it’s uncertain that a last-minute bundle of poses is going to achieve her desired effect.

Celebrities don’t just participate in politics by putting on a show. Sometimes they add plenty of cash to their in-kind work nudging culture to the left.

When a conservative outlet or personality says something offensive, the media will rush to report the incident (often divorced from context or slyly edited.) Another conservative outrage against decency. When a liberal does it, you don’t often hear about the episode until there’s a “conservative backlash” to report.

With the midterm elections less than a week away, the leftist media are ensuring that the screens of America are saturated in the same message: VOTE (for Democrats). And so NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers welcomed crazed conspiracy peddler Michael Moore on his Nov. 1 episode, reported Newsweek.

Neil Young once sang, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.” Happily, he didn’t burn out, but it would be nice if he’d get on with the fading away. It would save us the embarrassment of watching him try to be relevant. Ed Mazza of Huffington Post reported on Nov. 1 that the folk rock icon knocked some of the rust off his old protest song “Ohio” in a new concert video and aimed it at the NRA.

To most people in Hollywood, the right side of the political spectrum is a monolith - if you dare to associate yourself with or utter a word of praise about anyone who calls himself or herself conservative, you’ve just aided President Trump in the further destruction of this country and ought to be ridiculed. It’s Left, or left out.

As if we needed more proof lefties want to see every aspect of existence politicized (Trevor Noah with cancer and Amy Schumer with her pregnancy), Vermont-based ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s has now hopped on the #resist train. The company has gotten very rich touting its hippie bonafides, throwing its weight behind progressive celebrities and political causes. But on Oct. 30th it revealed it would take a break from christening flavors after late night talk show hosts and would instead provide leftist demonstrators, divas, and donors alike a new flavor to cool their caustic tongues.