Jacob Comello

Contributing Writer

Jacob is an intern at Media Research Center. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and worked formerly for the NC Republican Party and the Civitas Institute.

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If you had to think of an adjective that the nation’s mainstream media would most readily apply to supporters of President Trump, what would it be? “Bigoted,” “unintelligent,” and the now-infamous “deplorable” immediately come to mind. Hardly a news cycle seems to churn by where Trump, his policies, and his proponents aren’t categorically smeared.

Breaking: Paul McCartney is still making records. Really. Egypt Station is the former Beatles’ latest, and he’s promoting the heck out of it, with stops at Grand Central Station (where he played a promotion concert), The Jimmy Fallon Show (where he surprised lucky visitors to the 30 Rock building upon elevator doors opening), and scads of magazine interviews.

On September 15th, Deena Zaru of ABC News reported a rarity: a rapper wants to extend an olive branch to the president.

On September 14th, the Twitter followers of University of Virginia professor William Bradford Wilcox woke up to something dismaying. In a tweet, Dr. Wilcox drew attention to two advertisements put out by the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS). The advertisements implore young teenagers and young adults to use protection during sexual intercourse. Hardly tweet-worthy, you say? Never doubt how frivolous government agencies can get when it comes to family issues.

President Trump has frequently been bashed by climate-change fanatics, and leading the crusade this week is storied actor Harrison Ford.

The left has provided us with some head-scratching internecine debates, but this one from Hollywood -- involving progressive actresses Susan Sarandon and Debra Messing -- is the dumbest in quite some time.

Newsweek reported Sept. 11 that T.I., the celebrated rapper of Blurred Lines fame who weighs in at a $50 million net worth, enthusiastically took to Twitter to express support for actress Cynthia Nixon (worth $60 million) in her run for governor of New York. The reason: Nixon plans to legalize marijuana, calling the issue one of “racial justice”. 

Most people would instinctively dismiss the idea that a Hollywood veteran of more than 50 films could be a President Trump supporter. But Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight has always stood out in that regard, and in an emotional interview with Fox News’ Mark Levin on Sunday he choked up while recounting a heartfelt chat he had with a conservative actress concerning the 45th president.