Today’s installment of the Media Research Center’s “Best Notable Quotables of 2015,” as selected by our 39 expert judges, the “The Barbra Streisand Political IQ Award for Celebrity Vapidity.” Winning this award, former Star Trek actor George Takei, who in a local news interview on June 30 spluttered out a racist condemnation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after being asked about Thomas’s dissent in the gay marriage ruling:

So, Arsenio, tell us how you really feel about Brian Williams.

Actually, Arsenio Hall did tell us exactly how he felt about Brian Williams' apology yesterday and it was brutal. As you can see from his tweet below, don't expect the two to be slow jamming the news together anytime soon. Could some of the bad blood have been the result of Brian Williams snubbing Arsenio Hall when he did a story about late night TV hosts? Who knows but at least now Arsenio will have the satisfaction of watching Williams painfully percolate in the MSNBC purgatory as a breaking news anchor. 

Former late night talk show host and current stand-up comedian Arsenio Hall made quite the astute observation about The Gipper the other day. Even the liberal Hall noticed there was just something wrong about his car navigation system telling him to take a “left on Ronald Reagan Highway.” 

It seems fitting that someone paid to cover celebrities would freak out over meeting the “celebrity president” and that’s precisely what E! News co-host Terrence J did when he told Arsenio Hall, on Wednesday, that Barack Obama was “the coolest guy in the world!”

The E! News co-host gushed that he was able to sneak-in some selfies with Obama and the “super-cool” Joe Biden on a recent trip to the White House. The sad thing is the entertainment reporters’ reaction isn’t all that different from those of so-called hard news reporters that cover this administration. (video after the jump)

It’s rare when there’s an open and positive discussion about Christian faith on a late night talk show but it actually happened on Arsenio Hall’s show. On Thursday night Hall invited on 10-year-old Willie Myrick to recount how he saved himself from an abductor by repeatedly singing a gospel song. Myrick was abducted from his Atlanta home on March 31 but kept singing Hezekiah Walker’s “Every Praise” for three straight hours until his kidnapper released him.

Myrick offered his rendition of the song on the Arsenio Hall stage with Walker by his side. Later on in the show Walker performed the song in full. [Watch the inspiring moment after the jump]

NPR's new TV critic Eric Deggans took to NPR’s “race, culture, and ethnicity” page to complain “Who Will Replace Letterman? Probably Another White Guy.” Deggans asked (his italics): “Why are there so many white guys dominating late night talk show television?”

It’s the target audience, he said: “So daytime TV is bursting with Ellens and Oprahs, Latifahs and Katies, Barbaras and Julies, while nighttime runneth over with Jons, Jimmys, Davids, Conans, Stephens, Craigys and even a Carson or two.” Deggans utterly ignored the actual black late-night host on broadcast TV, Arsenio Hall, even though his show was just renewed for a second season and beat Conan's ratings recently with Prince in the house.

On Wednesday’s edition of The Arsenio Hall Show, the host mocked Fox News for a graphics error and slammed: “Then again when does Fox News ever get anything right?”

The hit on Fox News may have been a signal to Brian Williams (who Hall has been trying to get on his show ever since the NBC Nightly News anchor apologized for snubbing him) that he will be given a cozy spot on the interview couch from the fellow liberal.

It’s funny how quickly liberals are willing to apologize when one of their own is upset with them. On Wednesday’s Nightly News NBC’s Brian Williams said he was sorry to Arsenio Hall for leaving him out of their overview of the late-night talk show scene. Since journalists are usually loathe to admit their mistakes, the on-air apology is a rare event. So Williams threw in a few more apologies to TBS talk show host Pete Holmes, the state of New Hampshire and the city of Philadelphia.

For his part, Hall accepted Williams’ apology during his monologue on Wednesday night’s show.

Liberal reporters, particularly those at MSNBC, are quick to accuse conservatives of racism when it doesn’t exist. So it’s particularly amusing when they’re accused of it themselves.  Arsenio Hall, on his Tuesday night show, did just that when he noticed NBC’s Brian Williams and the New York Times left him out when they reviewed the new late night talk show scene.

After putting up a still from a New York Times article by Bill Carter that didn’t include his photo Hall asked: “See if you notice someone missing...You know, brown ink is more expensive maybe?” Then, after playing a clip from NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, that also failed to include him in a montage, Hall hilariously pondered:

"California economy is so bad a TV network might give a talk show to a black guy again."

So said comedian Arsenio Hall during a "How Broke Is California" sketch with Jay Leno on NBC's Tonight Show Tuesday (video follows with transcribed highlights):