Arsenio Sideswipes Fox for Spelling Error: 'When Does Fox News Ever Get Anything Right?'

On Wednesday’s edition of The Arsenio Hall Show, the host mocked Fox News for a graphics error and slammed: “Then again when does Fox News ever get anything right?”

The hit on Fox News may have been a signal to Brian Williams (who Hall has been trying to get on his show ever since the NBC Nightly News anchor apologized for snubbing him) that he will be given a cozy spot on the interview couch from the fellow liberal.

The following excerpt is from Hall’s opening monologue, as it was aired on the March 12 The Arsenio Hall Show:

ARSENIO HALL: Oh here’s something my viewer Andrew saw yesterday on Fox News. The headline says “Longest Spelling Be Ever?” They misspelled the shortest word in the sentence. But then again when does Fox News ever get anything right?

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