Arsenio Hall: 'California Economy Is So Bad a TV Network Might Give a Talk Show to a Black Guy Again'

"California economy is so bad a TV network might give a talk show to a black guy again."

So said comedian Arsenio Hall during a "How Broke Is California" sketch with Jay Leno on NBC's Tonight Show Tuesday (video follows with transcribed highlights):

During Leno's opening monologue, he joked about how broke the state of California is. To assist him, he surprisingly brought out Hall to help.

"Yeah, in fact," quipped Hall, "the economy is so bad Wine Country is now Wine in a Box Country."

Leno responded, "California is so broke the Clippers and Lakers are happy they don't have to spring for a victory parade. That's how broke."

"The economy is so bad in California," countered Hall, "down in Disneyland, Goofy and Pluto, they starting they own underground dog fighting ring."

"California is so broke," said Leno, "Oregon is building a fence along our border. That's how broke."

"California is so broke," replied Hall, "Hearst Castle is now a meth lab."

"The economy is so bad," joked Leno, "the Octomom is thinking about putting her other hand to work. That's how bad."

And finally Hall said, "California economy is so bad a TV network might give a talk show to a black guy again."

The timing was great, for Perez Hilton reported Wednesday morning:

Not one - but THREE networks are interested in giving him a TV deal!

We know one the the [sic] networks is The Donald's home, NBC. One of the other's [sic] could be Arsenio's old stomping ground, FOX.

No word on what kind of show it would be, or what time it would come on. Howevs, [sic] we DO know they all want him!!

New York's Daily News reported moments ago:

A source close to the Donald Trump-hosted reality contest tells us that Hall, who was the last man standing on Sunday’s finale, is talking to a number of TV networks about hosting a talk show again. The insider says NBC is jockeying to be the network that signs Hall and adds that Trump will “more than likely have some sort of producer credit” if the Peacock network closes the deal.

Will Hall get his own show again?

Stay tuned.

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