Following a week of the liberal media trying desperately to discredit America and President Trump’s win with the elimination of ISIS founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the panel on Fox News’s MediaBuzz took them to task for being “stupid,” trying to make it a “glass-half-empty” situation, and hyperventilating about a meme.

National Public Radio attacked conservatism again on Sunday night’s All Things Considered by promoting leftist author Elaine Tyler May and her new book Fortress America: How We Embraced Fear and Abandoned Democracy. May contends that conservatives have promoted un-factual fears like the communist threat and violent crime to gain power. At interview’s end, they disclosed that May’s son Michael is on staff at NPR….but claimed the producer who booked her apparently wasn’t aware of that fact.

Joe Scarborough isn't exactly the voice of movement conservatism, but with Joe away today, Mika Brzezinski took advantage to flood Morning Joe's first hour with a lopsided liberal lineup of guests supporting President Obama's executive-order amnesty.

The first two guests were Javier Palomarez, head of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Ray Suarez of Al Jazeera [ex of NPR].  A bit later, Dem Rep. Linda Sanchez put in an appearance. No Republican or conservative was given a chance in the first hour to decry the President's diktat. At the top of hour two Mika finally let Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller appear. But far from being a full-throated critic, Lewis said that he favors a path to citizenship, supports the substance of Obama's executive order, and cautioned Republicans against using Obama's own language about the illegality of his act against him.  Thanks for nuthin'!

After the veterans' march against National Park Service barricades on Sunday, last Tuesday's rally for amnesty could be studied for contrasts...except the networks almost entirely skipped over those protests. ABC and NBC aired nothing.

CBS offered eight seconds, a 22-word snippet  in their "Eye Opener" quick-clip segment at the start of Wednesday's This Morning: "An arrest for several Congress members as they rallied with thousands of others outside the Capitol building in support of immigration overhaul." Did they choose protecting Obama's image during the shutdown over pushing the amnesty agenda?

Last night, PBS NewsHour anchor Ray Suarez noted the manhunt for alleged cop killer Christopher Dorner, a former Los Angeles police officer and former naval officer who left behind a rambling manifesto in which he called for an assault weapons ban and praised liberal politicians and journalists.  Unfortunately for viewers, the taxpayer-subsidized network left out those details about the manifesto, even though the manifesto gave some pretty revealing insights into the political ideas that may have inspired Dorner to violence.

Here’s what Ray Suarez reported.

Liberal pastor and civil rights leader Joseph Lowery’s strange benediction prayer hoping that one day "white will embrace what is right" wasn’t ignored on the Tuesday night news, but it wasn’t portrayed as at all controversial. CBS skipped over it. But ABC, NBC, and PBS’s NewsHour all featured it, often without interrupting their gauzy promotional tone. Here’s a brief tour of how it unfolded.

ABC: In the first half-hour of a 60-minute World News, Charles Gibson recalled a legend praying:

GIBSON: The Reverend Joseph E Lowery, the legendary civil rights leader, delivered the benediction.

Rev. JOSEPH LOWERY: We ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man and white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say amen.

GIBSON: As hundreds of thousands on the Mall savored what they had just seen.

Photo of Ray Suarez by Emily Zoladz of the Grand Rapids Press | NewsBusters.orgTaxpayer-subsidized journalist Ray Suarez (pictured at right) thinks concerns over Barack Obama's liberalism are transparent proxies for something more sinister: racism. What's more, the PBS "NewsHour" reporter suggested that McCain running mate Gov. Sarah Palin is the campaign's point woman charged with "pil[ing] on the doubt" about Obama's fitness for office.

So reported Grand Rapids Press reporter Juanita Westaby, who covered the October 8 Suarez speech held at the "non-creedal liberal" Fountain Street Church (emphasis mine):

GRAND RAPIDS -- Following an unpopular president, supporting a costly war, and now facing a financial crisis at home, Sen. John McCain's race for the presidency should be in worse shape.

"What makes John McCain plausible is Barack Obama," news anchor Ray Suarez told a local crowd Wednesday.

The "pseudo controversies" about Obama's background are symbols for a "racial calculus" hard at work in U.S. politics.

For conservatives who would like to think the whole government should be handed over to the liberals for a few years until the Reagan wing of the Republican Party can get its act together, a quick look at a monstrosity under consideration by Congress is in order. Liberal Democrats and "green" Republicans are proposing a massive reorganization of the American economy to fight so-called global warming. Worse yet, proponents of this bill are attempting to sell this eco-socialism as a "market-based" policy, and their allies in the national media are going along with the charade.

For decades now, the media have shoved down our throats the idea that Planet Earth is in grave peril of catastrophic global warming. Now that Washington’s elites feel confident that everyone from McCain to Obama agrees that doom is imminent, it’s time to push something they call "cap and trade." Put an emphasis on the "cap." That means that the federal government is aspiring to dictate for every individual and business in America the absolutely perfect level of carbon-dioxide emissions. Once the government mandates how much emission will be allowed, then it will allow the public to "trade" on the rights that remain.