Morning Mika's First Hour: Hispanic Activist, Latina Congresswoman, Al Jazeera

November 21st, 2014 8:10 AM

Joe Scarborough isn't exactly the voice of movement conservatism, but with Joe away today, Mika Brzezinski took advantage to flood Morning Joe's first hour with a lopsided liberal lineup of guests supporting President Obama's executive-order amnesty.

The first two guests were Javier Palomarez, head of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Ray Suarez of Al Jazeera [ex of NPR].  A bit later, Dem Rep. Linda Sanchez put in an appearance.  No Republican or conservative was given a chance in the first hour to decry the President's diktat. At the top of hour two Mika finally let Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller appear. But far from being a full-throated critic, Lewis said that he favors a path to citizenship, supports the substance of Obama's executive order, and cautioned Republicans against using Obama's own language about the illegality of his act against him.  Thanks for nuthin'!

And the liberal hits kept on coming, with the next guest being a Latino pollster talking about how the Obama amnesty was going to "dramatically improve the lives of the people."  

But not to worry: there would be some real balance a bit later, with an appearance by . . . Obama spokesman Josh Earnest!

Republican congressman Aaron Schock was scheduled to appear later: let's hope he'll bring some semblance of balance.

MSNBC, Morning Joe and Mika can choose any guests they want.  But can Brzezinski look into the camera and sincerely say that on such an important day she served viewers and the conversation well by concocting such a lopsided show?