Networks Skipped Over Amnesty Rally Exposing Obama's National Mall Hypocrisy

October 14th, 2013 2:11 PM

After the veterans' march against National Park Service barricades on Sunday, last Tuesday's rally for amnesty could be studied for contrasts...except the networks almost entirely skipped over those protests. ABC and NBC aired nothing.

CBS offered eight seconds, a 22-word snippet  in their "Eye Opener" quick-clip segment at the start of Wednesday's This Morning: "An arrest for several Congress members as they rallied with thousands of others outside the Capitol building in support of immigration overhaul." Did they choose protecting Obama's image during the shutdown over pushing the amnesty agenda?

Nexis searching suggests that CNN had only one full segment (on The Situation Room) and there was no full segment on MSNBC (on Nexis).

Ray Suarez offered a report on the PBS NewsHour. He found no shutdown hypocrisy as he showed musicians for Los Tigros del Norte playing: "The group's free performance was part of a daylong rally, a rally that was allowed to go forward in the face of the government shutdown because public areas like the National Mall are open for First Amendment-related activities, whether the government's up and running or not."

Fox News was all over this event to note the hypocrisy of the Mall suddenly being open -- to rally for illegal immigrants. On The Five, Eric Bolling recounted:

Nancy Pelosi finishes her speech, she comes off, she shakes some hands and she comes off the side of the stage. I was on the wrong side of the stage and I went around the other, but I had to jump over a little barrier. I jumped over and as soon as I did, somebody said -- take this shot. See this, see this -- so, you're not supposed to jump over barriers, I was thinking how ironic that was.

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