The panel on CNN's New Day Tuesday disucssed the criticisms behind the just-released Republican Party proposal to replace ObamaCare. In discussing the content -- or "the broccoli," as co-host Alisyn Camerota called it -- the panel's opposition, excluding Washington Examiner columnist David Drucker, ranged from labeling it as benefiting the wealthy to citing a new poll showing Americans' satisfaction with their health care.

News broke late Saturday night that North Korea launched a missile in a show of force during the Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to the United States. During a quickly put together media event PM Shinzo Abe spoke first to condemn the launch and was backed up with a brief statement of support from President Donald Trump. But that wasn’t enough for CNN’s Inside Politics, whose Nia-Malika Henderson proclaimed, “He has talked tough, I think Trump, on Twitter about North Korea, but when it got to his time to be that tough person that we've come to know, he just kind of whiffed I think in many ways.” 

The latest liberal media freak-out about the Trump transition commenced on Friday morning upon the announcement of Republican Senator Jeff Sessions (Ala.) as President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General and were led by CNN’s Carol Costello lashing out at the “controversial” Sessions who should “concern” Americans and linked him to hate crimes since the election.

On Monday's New Day on CNN, as a panel of regular CNN political analysts fretted that FBI Director James Comey has hurt Hillary Clinton's "momentum" and boosted Donald Trump with the recent resumption of activity in the Clinton email investigation, CNN political analyst David Gregory repeated his recent claim that Trump is speaking like a "tyrant" in calling for his opponent to be jailed and in questioning whether there might be "rigging" in the election. The CNN analyst also lamented the "damage" that has been done to Clinton, proclaiming that "it was so unfortunate that Comey allowed himself into the political process."

Gregory -- the former host of NBC's Meet the Press -- also repeated a previous incorrect claim that Comey had found Clinton did not "commit a crime" in the mishandling of her State Department email. Gregory: "You have Mike Pence ... pronouncing during a rally last night, that she committed a crime, after the FBI said, 'Uh, no she didn't, and we looked at this.' So this is a team of Trump and Pence that has said, 'I will jail our opponent, we may not accept the election results, and we don't accept the rule of law.' This from a group who says they love America. I mean, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, you should be really concerned about an FBI director impacting the election either way."

Appearing as a panel member on Monday's New Day, CNN's Jackie Kucinich -- also of the Daily Beast -- tried to brush off accusations that Bill Clinton not only committed sexual assaults against women, but that Hillary Clinton took part in threatening the women to keep them quiet, as the Daily Beast Washington bureau chief suggested that such claims come "straight out of conspiracy theory land." It was not until a couple of minutes later that co-host Alisyn Camerota pushed back slightly, recalling that several women who made sexual assault accusations were in the audience.

The press is going to extraordinary lengths to minimize the visibility of Hillary Clinton's damaging and disparaging February remarks at a fundraiser about how Bernie Sanders' supporters "are living in their parents’ basement," and how half of them don't know what ('just like Scandinavia') means" — stereotyping digs which don't survive even the most rudimentary efforts at fact-checking.

Appearing as a panel member on Thursday's New Day, CNN political analyst Jackie Kucinich -- also of the Daily Beast -- suggested that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's handling of the immigration issue yesterday amounted to "blowing himself up" or "killing himself" politically as she hinted that Hillary Clinton is better off ceding the spotlight to her Republican opponent.

On Monday's New Day, CNN's David Gregory barely acknowledged the criticism of Hillary Clinton for not holding press conferences before trying to offer excuses for the former first lady: "I think she would much rather give the spotlight of negative publicity to Donald Trump, who's doing an excellent job occupying that spotlight....I don't think she wants to face a series of questions and follow-up questions on the I.G. report; on Clinton Foundation donations, and the, kind of, unscripted nature of a press conference."

On Wednesday's New Day, CNN political analyst David Gregory downplayed the dispute between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters over DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "I do think this is overblown." Gregory later asserted that "there is certainly discord within the Democratic Party. It's not as big as we've seen and are seeing on the Republican side."

Appearing as a guest on Friday's New Day, the morning after declaring that Republicans are "detached from rational" thought on Hillary Clinton, CNN political commentator Errol Louis continued inoculating Clinton from charges of malfeasance in the email scandal as he charged that, "in the kangaroo courts of right-wing talk radio, for Donald Trump, for the Republican party," a clean report from the FBI would not change their views on the issue because "they have already convicted her." He then predicted that their "talking points" would not change.

On Wednesday, CNN's New Day touted Donald Trump becoming the apparent Republican presidential nominee, but quickly spotlighted many of the most controversial components of his campaign. David Gregory trumpeted the "incredible accomplishment for Donald Trump," but soon added that the billionaire is "an incredibly divisive figure — huge negatives, toxic policy proposals." The Daily Beast's Jackie Kucinich later asserted, "I don't think Donald Trump ditches the ridiculous. I don't think it's in him to cast aside conspiracy theories, plays well to the people that like him."

On Friday's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, host Baldwin and guest Jackie Kucinich of the Daily Beast both seemed amused by reports that GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz got a negative reception at a New York Republican dinner, and, a bit later, Baldwin seemed to bristle at John Kasich because the Ohio Republican advised a college student at a town hall to avoid parties with alcohol to reduce her chances of being sexually assaulted.