Don't Believe the Liberal "Fact-Checkers"!

More and more, major news outlets are relying on “fact checkers” to, allegedly, ensure that the news is factual, sources are reliable, and statements are accurate.

In theory, this is admirable. In practice, it has proven to be simply another opportunity for the media to push their leftist agenda.

Fact checking groups — such as PolitiFact — routinely cast judgments while failing to disclose their own left-wing bias. Their allies in the media try to cast these groups as neutral third parties when, in fact, they are card-carrying members of the liberal echo chamber.

It’s no wonder that the public has so little faith in the fact-checkers. A 2016 Rasmussen poll found that an astonishing 62% of American voters think the fact-check-ers are biased.

The Media Research Center is flipping the script on these faux-fact-checkers. It’s time to turn the tables and give the public the real facts.


Monday is the second annual “International Fact Checking Day,” which the “fact-checkers” celebrate right after April Fools’ Day. To illustrate how these “fact” guardians are sometimes hard to separate from the average liberal journalist, check out this recent piece of Urgent National Business from PolitiFact: Does Mike Pence call his wife ‘Mother’?

One of the tendencies of liberal “fact checkers” is to grant that a fact they don’t like is true, but then to try to dismiss its truth by making excuses and adding “context.” They’re offering “alternative facts.” They’re adding spin control. So Washington Post "Fact Checker" Glenn Kessler can admit special counsel Robert Mueller's team is stuffed with Democrats and Hillary Clinton donors, but Mueller himself is a "registered Republican." And Trump used to give to Democrats.

The first questionable habit of the liberal Fact Checkers is to nitpick tweets, especially Trump tweets. There can be outrageous and blatantly false statements in a tweet, but often tweets use a political shorthand. The headline was "AP FACT CHECK: Trump wrongly claims GOP can hold top court". Trump tweeted that "we need more Republicans in 20189 and must ALWAYS hold the Supreme Court" to prevent a repeal of the Second Amendment. 

Hillary Clinton’s rant in India about Trump voters being motivated by racism, sexism, and loathing of Indian-Americans who succeed is being carefully protected by the “fact checkers” at PolitiFact and Despite topping their website with the question “Did Hillary Clinton call Wisconsin ‘backwards?," PolitiFact failed to issue a “Truth-o-Meter” ruling. It reported Gov. Scott Walker tried to shame Wisconsin Democrats when Hillary suggested that she won the forward-looking states and Trump won the “backward” ones. Tom Kertscher of PolitiFact Wisconsin wrote an article called “In Context, our periodic feature that fleshes out sound bites that attract attention.”

The Washington Post broke into reporting on Louis Farrakhan and the Democrats on Sunday with a “Fact Checker” column by Glenn Kessler. On page A-4, Kessler gave Rep. Keith Ellison – deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee – a “four Pinocchios” rating for insisting he had no involvement with Farrakhan since 2006.

GOP congressional candidate Jason Isaac declared in a League of Women Voters guide: "I will work to end abortion, which is the leading cause of death for black Americans and kills as many as 1,000 black children every day." PolitiFact ruled it was "Mostly False." PolitiFact Texas analyst W. Gardner Selby can’t agree that abortion kills a human baby: “it’s worth noting for starters that Isaac’s characterization of abortions as killing babies is disputed.”

Talk about humor-deprived! followed other fact-checkers in warning about the Christian satire site Babylon Bee. But was anyone really going to buy this headline as real, Snopes? "CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine To Spin News Before Publication." Once Snopes warned this was "FALSE," Facebook sent a note to Babylon Bee threatening to mess with their ability to advertise and monetize on the social site. 

The propagandists disguised as "fact-checkers" at the Washington Post unleashed pent-up frustration Wednesday when they evaluated President Donald Trump's February 5 claim that wages are, "for the first time in many years, rising." They gave Trump's claim its worst possible evaluation of "Four Pinocchios," i.e., a "whopper." Too bad for the Post that detailed work published by Reuters two days earlier had already debunked its evaluation.

Boy, it's a good thing that Google and Facebook have enlisted "fact checkers" like the Associated Press, Snopes, and Politifact to vet questionable stories appearing in their news feeds. 

PolitiFact advertised on its home page an article on “Fact checking” Hillary’s campaign book What Happened. Don’t be shocked: PolitiFact didn’t find anything that they would call “False,” let alone “Pants on Fire.” They were very selective and helpful in picking out claims from the book...they skipped over Hillary suggesting the media favored Trump, for example.