Fox's Gutfeld Scores Direct Hits on Costas Hypocrisy, Whitlock's Bigotry, Media's Predictability

In a video posted at the Daily Caller by Jeff Poor (HT Hot Air), Fox News's Greg Gutfeld went after Bob Costas's opportunism and hypocrisy on gun rights in the wake of the Jovan Belcher tragedy. He also took on Jason Whitlock's inexcusable characterization of those who believe that the Constitution's Second Amendment means what it says and insist that our government continue to act as if it does are racists.

The video and a transcript follow the jump (internal links added by me; bolds are mine):

If, if it was a deadly flood, it would be the same saying we need to ban water. There is no law -- Here is the problem — there is no law that actually could have stopped him owning a gun. So what is Costas saying? He is talking about a total gun ban, which makes him a hypocritical buffoon, because he spends most of his life wandering in and out of New York buildings where he is flanked by people who are armed. He doesn't have to have a gun because he's protected by people with guns.
He is a sanctimonious ghoul, because he, whenever something like this comes up, he has to come up. It’s "pay attention to me." It really wasn’t about the tragedy. It’s about scoring points with other people in media.
Same with Jason Whitlock, who is such a chucklehead. This is a guy who, during the Knicks when he was talking about Jeremy Lin, played off a stereotypical deficiency that I’m not even going to get into, who now refers to the NRA as the KKK. He is a bigot. He had to apologize for that.
... A ghoul is somebody uses tragedy to build himself up,” Gutfeld said. “This was an unnecessary thing. But he is such a hypocrite, because he doesn’t have to worry about being armed. People are armed for him. We live in a building right now -- we work at a building right now, Bob -- where everybody has a gun outside. We are lucky. The rest of the American public doesn’t.
The thing that kills me is how the stories generate within 24 hours after an event. And it's always, it always begins with this sentence: "Is it time to rethink gun laws?" And you know who is raising the question? The media — it’s always the media. They’re going to spin it in a couple of ways. They’re going to talk about, "We've got to rethink gun laws." They never thought about it to begin with. They never had a changed mind about it. They always want gun laws.

I'll believe that the establishment press is interested in a genuine "re-think" about gun laws when its leading lights acknowledge that states with concealed-carry rights have lower murder rates than those which don't, and those which have recently enacted them have seen sharper drops in murder rates and other violent crime than those which haven't.

Until then, it isn't about "re-thinking." As Gutfeld said, it's about opportunistic repetition.

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