The NewsBusters Weekly Recap: November 11 to November 17

This past week saw The Washington Post ask a classically liberal question: Is America more racist or sexist?

Following the lead of this major paper, ABC’s Diane Sawyer asked the same question, adding a surreptitious angle. She wondered, "Is the nation, secretly, I guess, more racist or more sexist?"

The "Good Morning America" host wasn’t through, however. On Tuesday, she offered the query again. This time, Sawyer added a new spin, "secret genderism." The recipient of the question, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, readily agreed. America is guilty, she asserted, it just isn’t "very secret."

Speaking of The Washington Post, ever wonder how many times the paper mentioned "macaca?" According to MRC President Brent Bozell, the paper featured the phrase no less then 112 times!

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann absurdly linked domestic terrorism to "right-wing blogs."

While Olbermann slimed conservatives, CNN labeled the current low gas prices "a recovery." Why, just a few weeks ago, the falling costs represented a link between "Big Oil" and the GOP. What a difference an election makes!

Another CNN program, "Reliable Sources," featured seasoned journalists who admitted that Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi is receiving "a honeymoon."

Ted Koppel, a veteran of the "old media" appeared on Wednesday’s "Daily Show" to bash President Bush. Noting the President’s current international trip, he joked that Bush joined the National Guard "to stay out of Vietnam. And now he’s going to Vietnam to stay out of Washington!" It’s hard to imagine why Americans view these people as skewed to the left.

The weekly magazines framed the midterm elections as an example of the death of conservatism. The MRC’s Rich Noyes noted this isn’t the first occasion Time declared the demise of the Reagan Revolution.

Finally, the always biased Helen Thomas declared that the Democrats victory indicated that "democracy works."

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