Newsweek Headline: 'Is Barack Obama Too Weak to Win in November?'

It's becoming clearer with each passing day the Obama-loving media are now in a full-scale panic that the man they helped get elected in 2008 is in serious trouble to repeat that feat in 2012.

Take for example Newsweek/Daily Beast which published a piece moments ago with the somewhat shocking headline, "Is Barack Obama Too Weak to Win in November?":

Remember when the big idea in Obamaland was to run against the do-nothing Congress? This was the thought late last year and early this one, when, working in concert with Chuck Schumer and other Senate Democrats, the White House was going to nail the Republicans to the wall one piece of jobs legislation at a time. Then something happened that distracted the White House’s attention, I don’t know what: The end of roll call votes? The Super Bowl? The start of a new season of American Idol? Whatever the reason, the do-nothing Congress disappeared. Well, now that we’ve had one lousy jobs report, suddenly it is reappearing. But the question of why it ever went away is a good one and reminds us again that the Obama administration and campaign too often flit from one narrative to the next in a way that’s far too reactive to events—and that he refuses to land the punch that would really draw blood.

So began Newsweek/Daily Beast special correspondent Michael Tomasky's Tuesday offering.

From there, it devolved into the usual nonsense about all the problems in the world being the Republicans' fault:

When Obama does go after the Congress, he doesn’t do it in the right way: he urges Republicans to pass his jobs bill. But that’s a waste of everybody’s time. He should be telling audiences that the GOP won’t do anything about jobs, and he should be telling people the truth about why: because all the Republicans are doing now is waiting Obama out. A few more months of crapper numbers, Obama should be telling his audiences, and the Republicans figure they’ll be rid of him. So they’re not going to do anything for the economy, and their motivation is completely political. They’ll deny it, but let them. He should be putting that issue on the table. And it is the issue. Legislation on jobs isn’t stalling because a handful of Republicans are waiting for a better earmark for some project in their district before voting yes. It’s stalled solely over politics.

Why is it that virtually every Obama-loving media member appears to have been out of the country when the current White House resident controlled the House and enjoyed a filibuster-proof Senate giving him power the likes of which hadn't been seen in this country since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1937?

Two straight years of virtually limitless, unconstrained ability to do whatever he wanted, and now all the world's problems are because Republicans have run the House for the past seventeen months.

I've said for years that it takes a lot of rationalizations to be a liberal media member these days, but in recent weeks I've begun to wonder if it also requires either a lobotomy or the complete removal of any shred of honesty.

Or maybe both.

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