Michael Moore: 'A Roof Over One's Head Is a Human Right'

Did you know it was a human right to have a roof over your head?

So says schlockumentarian Occupy Wall Street supporter Michael Moore in an absolutely hysterical call to arms published at the Huffington Post Wednesday entitled "The Winter of Our Occupation":

Sorry, banks, a roof over one's head is a human right, and you will no longer occupy our homes through foreclosure and eviction because well, you see, they are our homes, not yours. You may hold the mortgage; you don't hold the right to throw us or our neighbors out into the cold. With almost one in three home mortgages currently in foreclosure, nearing foreclosure or "underwater," the Occupy Movement must form local "Occupy Strike Forces" to create human shields when the banks come to throw people out of their homes. If the foreclosure has already happened, then we must help families move back into their foreclosed homes -- literally (see this clip from my last film to watch how a home re-occupation is accomplished).

Fascinating. So if you stop paying your mortgage, you should be allowed to stay there anyway.

Does this work for all of us or just those that support this silly movement? Can Tea Partiers also stop paying their mortgages and continue to live in their homes?

And what about renters? Why should this privilege - oh, I'm sorry...right - apply only to delinquent homeowners? Shouldn't the millions of our nation's renters also be able to shirk their financial obligations?

After all, their landlord is probably a greedy one percenter that doesn't need the money anyway?

On the other hand, what happens to all the banks and savings institutions when all of their customers stop paying their mortgages? And what happens to the debt securities that are based on such mortgages? Won't this create another financial crisis leading to runs on banks and savings institutions resulting in another recession that increases unemployment thereby exacerbating our current problems?

Moore's socialist dream doesn't concern itself with such realities.

More importantly, we can now see what happens when one political Party tries to make health insurance a "human right."

As many opponents of ObamaCare said during the debate, just where does this end? Once you start down that slippery slope of naming things "human rights" that the government has to mandate, the list is sure to grow.

As far as Moore is concerned, it already has. But he didn't end there, because he also believes college is a "human right":

Students should spend this winter doing what they are already doing on dozens of campuses -- holding sit-ins, occupying the student loan office, nonviolently disrupting the university regents meetings, and pitching their tents on the administration's lawn. Young people -- we, the '60s generation, promised to create a better world for you. We got halfway there -- now you have to complete the job. Do not stop until these wars are ended, the Pentagon budget is cut in half, and the rich are forced to pay their taxes. And demand that that money go to your education. We'll be there with you on all of this! And when we get this fixed and you graduate, instead of being $40,000 in debt, go see the friggin' world, or tinker around in your garage a la the two Steves, or start a band. Enjoy life, discover, explore, experiment, find your way. Anything but the assistant manager at Taco Bell.

So we're - and when I say "we're," I mean the 53 percent of Americans who pay all the federal income taxes - are going to be required to pay for everyone's health insurance, their homes, and their college tuitions.

Are you foolish enough to think the list isn't going to continue to grow?

And now you know what happens when government decides that people have to have something whether they want it or not.

Hopefully the Supreme Court is going to reassert the tenets of the Constitution before creeping socialism starts its sprint toward the finish line.

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