The ‘Funnies,’ Presented By Joe Piscopo, at MRC’s 30th Anniversary Gala and DisHonors Awards

September 23rd, 2017 11:52 PM

The Media Research’s Center’s 30th Anniversary Gala, featuring the “DisHonors Awards,” concluded Thursday night with veteran comedian, actor and radio talk show host Joe Piscopo presenting funny video clips, from comedy shows and the Internet, identified by Brent Baker and the MRC’s News Analysis Division.

After Piscopo arrived at the podium he began to sing along to a Frank Sinatra tune, prompting Master of Ceremonies Cal Thomas to briefly join him in song before a surprise walk on stage by Kayleigh McEnany and Jeffrey Lord. Piscopo soon lamented how the “left has no sense of humor” and proceeded to offer some humorous commentary on current events and his life.



The funny clips included what happened when kids crawled in on a Skype interview, how President Trump moves stuff around whenever he sits at a table, video proof the hand movements of Trump and Anthony Scaramucci match and imagining if Sean Spicer dealt with a room full of kindergartners.

Thanks to Cory Parks and Eric Scheiner for editing and posting the video overnight after the event.

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