Harwood: Huck's Economic-Conservative Opponents Churchless Tax-Cut Worshippers

You'd hardly expect the chief Washington correspondent of business channel CNBC to negatively stereotype economic conservatives. But appearing on today's Morning Joe, the urbane John Harwood did just that.

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JOE SCARBOROUGH: [Huckabee is] a different type of evangelical. It's not the evangelical in American politics that's traditionally been very conservative economically. Obviously a lot of people at the Wall Street Journal don't like this guy.

HARWOOD: Oh yeah!

SCARBOROUGH: Because he's not an economic conservative.

HARWOOD: The Republicans who worship at the church of cut-taxes-no-matter-what are running around having heart attacks about Mike Huckabee. They don't understand this guy. They're generally secular people. They don't go to church.

Really? Economic conservatives and supply-siders are secular people who "don't go to church"? Paging Hugh Hewitt, Larry Kudlow, Bob Novak, Terence Jeffrey and a good number of my MRC/NB colleagues!

Bonus Coverage: Mika Hearts Huck's Authenticity -- Joe Not So Much

A bit later, when Mika Brzezinski praised Huckabee as a sincere straight shooter, Joe Scarborough evinced some skepticism.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: He's also able to deflect any bad news about him and his past. He deals with it, he confronts it straight on, and looks right into the camera or right into your eye, and says yes I said that or yes I did that. I wouldn't do it today, I wouldn't say it today. He doesn't seem to be sort of cagey or savvy like some of the other candidates out there.

SCARBOROUGH: This is the genius of him. He is the most cagey and he's the most savvy of all of them.

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