Morning Joe has been reduced to a Trump-trolling mess, in which every show is essentially the same. A show so predictable, it's boring. As Crosby, Stills & Nash put it in Judy Blue Eyes: "It's getting to the point, where I'm no fun anymore."

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter released an extensive poll on the news habits of consumers plus a poll of 51 cable and broadcast network news hosts and late-night comedy hosts. In the full blog, check out the seven areas that The Hollywood Reporter article on their own poll didn’t have quite the time to do a deep dive on.

MSNBC's Morning Joe and CNN's New Day heap praise on Republican Martha McSally for quickly and "gracefully" conceding to Dem Kyrsten Sinema in their Senate race in Arizona. In contrast, the two shows castigated Republican Rick Scott for fighting it out in Florida. Neither network calls on Dems Gillum, Nelson or Abrams to emulate McSally's example. 

Here is a math question that even most Common Core students could easiliy answer: Which is a greater number, 40 or 63? The answer is all too obvious...unless you have a political agenda. And one such person is Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski.

Her Mika math was on full display on November 12 when she angrily asserted that it is "laughable" that the 2018 Democrat House seat gain of up to 40 seats is not as bad as the 63 seat GOP gain in 2010 during the Barack Obama administration.

As seen in the mashup, Morning Joe taunts  PresidentTrump with a barrage of insults, casting the election results as a huge loss for the President, and depicting him as "freaked-out, weak, battered, confused."

On Morning Joe, Willie Geist says that President Trump would like nothing more than for House Dems to launch an impeachment investigation. Geist says it would be "the Kavanaugh situation multiplied times a thousand."

In the closing days before the midterm elections the liberal media went mad in their attacks on the GOP and especially President Donald Trump as they blamed his “racist” and violent rhetoric for the crazed actions of both the mail bomber and synagogue shooter. On CNN, a correspondent for GQ raged: “This President has radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did.” The following are the worst attacks on Trump and the GOP from their midterm election coverage. 

On Morning Joe, reacting to some positive polls for Missouri Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill, Mika Brzezinski exclaims, "come on, Claire!" A bit later, Mika adds "I'm obsessed with her. I love her."

On Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski goes on an apparently canned rant, imploring people to "vote all-D" to stop President Trump, whom she describes as "racist, heartless, soulless," from "destroying the country." Watch the clip and see if you don't agree that Mika was reading a prepared monologue. This was bald-faced electioneering with malice aforethought. At what point does this kind of "commentary" become a contribution in kind to the DNC?

On Morning Joe, a manifestly miffed Mika says of Ivanka Trump: "I know you don't care about the country and I know you don't care about us and our lives, I know you don't because I reached out to you and you didn't write back."

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough dismisses concerns about the 14,000-person caravan headed toward the US. He claims that the last caravan, in April, "ended up 11 people and a hound dog." Meanwhile, Mika Brzezinski describes the caravan as being prompted by "a "human tragedy of biblical proportions."

During Monday’s Morning Joe, the panel discussed a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll and Republican strategist Kristen Soltis Anderson brought up how Republicans have a commanding lead among the 38 percent of voters who list the economy as their most important issue. Anderson noted that the good economy makes voters more accepting of President Trump despite the fact that he sometimes behaves like a “jerk.”