On Thursday's Morning Joe, former Obama aide Seth Harris said that if he were advising President Trump, "I'd ask him to resign." Harris condemned Trump as "the worst failed leader our country has ever seen," who has put us in a "catastrophic" situation, and "we're really going to end up being the shame of the world." On today's show, Mika Brzezinski challenged The Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg to debunk Harris's statement. But before letting him speak, Mika offered a laundry list of items that she saw as supporting Harris's suggestion. 

As the coronavirus crisis deepens, the media continue to sink lower in their vile attacks on Donald Trump and conservatives. Liberal journalists like NBC Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd have questioned if “there is blood on the President’s hands?” New Yorker editor David Remnick charged Trump’s “narcissism” and “lack of empathy” has “led to disaster.” The following are the most recent examples of journalists displaying their rage against Trump and conservatives during the coronavirus crisis.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough says "everybody was attacking this My Pillow guy," Mike Lindell, regarding his appearance at President Trump's press conference. Not "everybody," Joe. It was your fellow Trump-hating elitists, including your own NBC network and your own wife, who were doing the mocking. Scarborough and Willie Geist did go on to express appreciation for Lindell's pledge to produce 50,000 masks. 

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough pleads with congressional leaders to strip out the provision in the coronavirus bailout bill that prohibits President Trump's companies from receiving relief. Scarborough argues that if the provision remains in the bill. Pres. Trump will have an incentive to make "rash" decisions to re-open the economy. In contrast, if the provision is taken out and his companies can receive relief, his only motivation will be to keep Americans healthy and safe. 

Joe Scarborough joined Andrea Mitchell on Thursday after President Trump and other government officials gave another press conference on the latest COVID-19 developments where he decried the "really strange spectacle" of Trump calling the media out for repeating Chinese propaganda.


There's a difference between warning the public to take a threat seriously, and throwing in the cards and saying doom is near. On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough claims he "certainly" doesn't want "to scare anybody," but goes on to predict that there is a "very real possibility" that the US health care system "collapses."

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough praises President Trump's performance at yesterday's press conference, describing the president as somber and serious, and saying he did what a president is supposed to do.

Monday’s Morning Joe served as an encapsulation of liberal media fear-mongering over the coronavirus, engaging in cheerleading for hysteria and economic ruin. Panelists chided that the “callous and immoral” and “sick” response employed by President Trump and his administration and, as co-host Joe Scarborough warned, Americans will die from the virus because of Trump’s “stupidity.”

The liberals with the Morning Joe program on MSNBC closed out the work week by slamming President Trump for having a “clumsy, ham-fisted” and “sociopathic” response to the coronavirus outbreak across the country. Leading the way was Joe Scarborough, who accused the GOP official of spreading disinformation and telling people “to go back to work if they want to,” which he called “the quickest way to turn this epidemic into a pandemic.”

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday, the Morning Joe crew was insisting that Mike Bloomberg immediately drop out of the race to clear the field for Biden and prevent a Sanders nomination. Today, after airing Bloomberg's wide-ranging interview with Kasie Hunt, Morning Joe was overflowing with praise for him!

Joe Scarborough caught a lot of flak from the left earlier this week for suggesting that Elizabeth Warren drop out of the race. Just wait till the lefties get hold of what Scarborough & Co. said this morning about Warren's sustained attacks on Mike Bloomberg during last night's debate. The panel variously described Liz's arrows [you should excuse the expression] against poor Bloomie as "extreme, uncomfortable, bizarre, absurd."

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe distorted an Axios report on President Donald Trump’s economy to credit former president Barack Obama. The show ran a segment defending Obama’s tweet congratulating himself for today’s booming economy.