‘New Normal’ Has Gay Old Time Mocking Christian Conservatives

August 31st, 2012 10:00 AM

We have yet another addition to the pro-gay, anti-Christian genre so popular on TV these days. Apparently NBC is looking to cash in on the falsehood that “abnormal is the new normal” with a series focused on a gay couple’s quest to have a child via a surrogate mother.

In “The New Normal,” Bryan and David, a gay couple in a committed partnership, turn to surrogacy because they “can’t have a child the traditional way.” (When did biology become tradition? Ironic, how liberals ostentatiously worship at the altar of science, until science gets in the way of their gratification. Then it’s just a “tradition.”)

“The New Normal” is the brainchild of gay rights activist and wannabe pornographer Ryan Murphy (creator of “Glee” “American Horror Story” and Nip/Tuck”), and wouldn’t be complete without portraying a “racist” and “bigoted” conservative character. Cue Ellen Barkin.

Barkin recently made news when she tweeted she wished Hurricane Isaac would “wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean!”

Barkin periodically escapes obscurity in hate-filled tweets that somehow draw attention, as when she joyfully celebrated the death of Andrew Breitbart. Barkin is therefore the perfect choice to portray a vicious caricature of conservatives and Christians.

Barkin’s character, Nana, is liberals’ fantasy conservative; a scorned woman (her husband cheated on her with a man), prone to snide remarks about the gay lifestyle and racists rants aimed at Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians (“You people are so good with computers. Thanks for helping build the railroads.”) Through the character, the writers get to take shots at real conservatives. A black character she offended told her to “take her Callista Gingrich hairdo and her racist mind back to the South where they belong.”

But don’t expect the kind of consistency you find in actual live conservatives. Nana told her granddaughter Goldie (played by Georgia King) about pregnancy: “You were so pretty; you wasted your entire life because you got knocked up. I thought your mother was a fibroid tumor, by the time I figured it out she had a face and I was screwed." That’s the liberal view of children as punishment, not something an actual social conservative would say.

Disgusted yet? Barkin’s despicable character is just the tip of the iceberg.

The majority of the pilot focused on Goldie and her daughter. Desperate to leave her old life (and Nana) behind, Goldie stole her grandmother’s car and high tailed it to L.A. with her eight-year-old in tow. Just as the duo were getting low on cash the gay couple rushed to the rescue.

“The New Normal” pilot did it’s best to contrast happy and functional gay relationships with broken and dysfunctional traditional marriages. Characters Bryan and David share a flawless partnership, missing only a child.

But, whether intentional or not, the gay characters in “The New Normal” don’t come off all that much better than Nana. They are vain and shallow, obsessed with aesthetics. Bryan decided his relationship was ready to “have a child” when he saw a baby in a shopping mall. “It was the cutest thing, I’ve ever seen. I must have it!” he exclaimed to David about this monumental decision. He continued, “Honey, when I saw that miniature person, whose skin was flawless by the way, I really got it.” Remember the chihuahua-as-accessory craze?

 A consultant from a surrogate agency told the couple they could “create the perfect embryo, and then plant it in a surrogate. Just like an Easy Bake Oven, except the surrogate has no rights to the cupcake.” Bryan responded, “I would like a skinny, blonde child who doesn’t cry."

Thus, “The New Normal” gently skewers gay stereotypes on one hand while giving as much calculated offense as possible to conservatives and Christians.

In their search for a surrogate, Bryan and David leapt at the chance to call a surrogate mother who resembled Gwyneth Paltrow, and Bryan cooed over a candidate who already had nine abortions. “I like her,” he told David.

They selected Goldie because she was not “a secret operative of the Republican party.” Characters slap at “extremist Christian cults” and, a strange obsession with the left these days, get to say “vagina.” (“I faint at the sight of vaginas – they’re like tarantula faces,” Bryan said.)

The episode ends on an artificial happy note. Goldie has finally found a “family” and Murphy has driven home his point: “A family is a family, and love is love.” And biology is mere tradition and up is down.